Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Angel Street

Last Saturday, I woke up early amidst the late night date Kat and I had in McDonald's just to give in to our (or was it mine alone and Kat was just dragged into it? hahaha!!!) cravings of McFlurry. Kat, Liz, Gladz, Kate and I were scheduled to watch the free showing of the play by Dulaang UP entitled Angel Street, but Lizzy did not go with us for she has other commitments to do.

Angel Street is a play by Patrick Hamilton. It is about the Manninghams who lived in Angel Street. Mr. Manningham uses his care and kindness as a disguise to drive his wife to insanity in order to continue for the search of the golden rubies he started fifteen years ago. Mrs. Manningham's mother was also insane during her age and so she believed that she is going out of her mind everytime Mr. Manningham accuses her of petty aberrations that is his doing.

While Mr. Manningham is out, a police inspector, Inspector Rough, paid her a visit. With her servants Nancy and Elizabeth, Inspector Rough came to prove that Mr. Manningham is the criminal, who has the name of Power and killed an old lady who owned a 12000-pound worth of rubies, fifteen years ago in the same house in Angel Street.

Mrs. Bella Manningham is played by Lorna Lopez and has an excellent performance. She has a very jolly face and thus you could see how effective the transition from a jolly face to a face that is sad, afraid and insane. I also give credit to Richard Cunanan who played Inspector Rough. His character shifted the play from thriller to comedy everytime he comes in. He was really good. Mitoy Sta. Ana who played Mr. Jack Manningham was also good although he stuttered almost three times. Marivic Abalos and Trineth Villasis who played Elizabeth and Nancy respectively are also effective actors.

The counterpart of the play's title in Filipino was Lampara. Before, everytime I see the poster of Angel Street in campus, I often wonder why such translation. When I searched in the internet, the original title of the play of Hamilton was Gaslight and according to Prof. Jovy M. Peregrino, the play's translator, "May Lampara sa Angel Street." In the play, one could see that its translation is indeed correct for Mrs Manningham’s only clue to her husband machinations is the frequent dimming of their gaslights. That's why when we say, "gaslight somebody", it means driving somebody insane.

Summing up, the play was good and I'll rate it an 8.5. Here are some pictures of the play although they were not actual shots at the time I saw it. Enjoy!!!

the couplecray?hmm...caughtget him!

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