Friday, December 9, 2016

Your taxes won't be wasted with me

I have recently joined the rat race and after almost 4 years (my last stint was with Coke ended in December 2012), it felt new all over again.  I am now with Sugar Regulatory Administration.  Four years ago, I returned home from Singapore because of a job opportunity from SRA.  I packed my bags, I attended the interview, ranked 2nd amongst the applicants and was ready for office (because  Rank 1 turned down the offer) only to be neglected on the side because my mom is still with the agency. Rank 3 was chosen.

So yeah, it took me 4 years to get this post.  I have focused on establishing businesses while waiting for openings. I never applied to a private company because as per my mother, working for the governent has less stress, less pressure, and better opportunities which is really true. I have been with Manila Water and Coke and I could see the big difference.

This venture is a mixture of excitement, pressure and whole lot of self reflection.  The new job is exciting because new things means new learning.  New environment means new culture and new people.

It  has been 14 days of work. I got the responsibilities my mother left when she retired last June. But because I am filling the big shoes of my mother, there is this certain pressure and responsibility to do better and to prove to everybody that I could do more.  My mother is a hardworking woman, her work ethics is simply outstanding.  I could never beat that but I only wish to be at par with her.

 I have done the 6-month backlog, learned other roles when my other officemate take their leaves. There are days when it seems there is chaos in the office especially when most of the clients clamor in the office at the of the week but there are days when you could just browse the internet away.

The workplace is great.  But the voice at the back of my head tells me that I should be in the middle of the ladder in my career right now.  But here I am starting in the beginning all over again.  While my contemporaries are already heading departments, here I am, a mere part of the workforce, following orders.  So I promised myself, to work hard and smart.   There will be opportunities waiting (a big portion of the employees are about to retire) and I make sure to grab each opportunity.

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