Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Waving Goodbye to 2014! Saying Hello to 2015!

Happy NewYear everyone!

2015 is just two hours away and I am excited. 2014 has been an exciting year and I couldn't thank the Lord enough for the many blessings He has given us... for one, we have survived our first year of marriage: the adjustment phase in a new house with just the two of us.  We haven't killed each other yet!  We survived because we learned to compromise with each other, aside from the rock-paper-scissors game that we have to do to see who does the cooking and the dishes.

The business is a strong as ever but this time around, it was just the two of us making big decisions. We have to throw in new ideas to evolve our products at the same time retain its uniqueness and its original state which captured our loyal customers...We are pushing for expansion, hopefully 2015 would give us the edge.

2014 also gained us a lot of pounds to be shed off next year...Hahaha!! But seriously, doctor's orders, we have to gain our old weights back. But I'm thankful that there was no serious problem in health this year.  No confinement in the hospital and no health bills to pay, which I thank the Lord for.

We were able to finish two of our projects this year. We finish off paying our lot for our house at the same time acquired a new property that we intend to rent out in 2015.  We even minimize our interest and gained more on the rebates that the bank returned to us for paying more than the monthly required amount.  It cut a lot in our leisure and travel fund but it gave us some maturity to learn to sacrifice and the humility to take on the responsibility of our commitments.  I'm excited to invest more in 2015 or maybe start building that dreamhouse. =)

So there goes my 2014... not as travel filled as my single years but just them same, 2014 is awesome.  I can't wait for 2015....and oh please come with good surprises!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Carnivore Heaven at Anak Ng Baka

After a good feedback from one of our journalist abyans (SILAK brod), Nonoy Espina, Ron treated me, mom and Mamita for dinner at Anak ng Baka (ANB). ANB is located at the Ground Level of Avenue Suites along Lacson Bacolod City.

After asking the waiter of their house specialties, we decided to feast on St. Louise Baby Back Ribs (2 slabs) shared among us four and we ordered one steak for each of us.  Hahaha! We are not really that hungry but better to taste their steaks!

Mom and I got an order of Certified Angus Chuck Steak.  It goes with a serving of garden salad and a choice of soup.  I got onion soup while mom got clam chowder.  The other option was the soup of the day: Pumpkin Soup. It also goes with a gravy to top your steak.
 photo 92c9d7da-13cf-4590-b35d-457d7c6dd9b5.jpg
Certified Angus Chuck Steak

On the otherhand, Mamita got peppered steak while Ron ordered Angus Butcher Steak. Both steak were served with rice.

 photo 13bd56e0-b624-46c7-b38d-aabfaf5c708c.jpg
Pepper Steak

All steak were cooked medium rare because it won't be as juicy and tender if it is well done.  Also, meat would tend to be chewy if well cooked.  I love my Angus Chuck Steak.  The rich flavor of the herbs and spices were there and the meat was so tender.  Mamita's Pepper steak was a hands down.  If pepper explosion happens, it did in my mouth after I had a slice of the meat covered in ground black pepper.  Ron's Butcher Steak is a so-so.

 photo 4cb22f01-7058-4503-917e-d7cb45703cee.jpg
Butcher Steak

The Back Ribs is one of the best I have tasted so far in terms of this dish.  The taste is similar to that of Racks but definitely at a less expensive rate.  The barbeque sauce for the ribs is a correct mix of sweet and spicy. The pork is so tender it easy falls off the ribs. The dish is served with Laing (camote leaves cooked in coconut milk), buttered mixed vegetables and potato salad.

 photo 4b566326-bdc1-427d-b9a2-00c8801cb2ea.jpg
St. Louise 2-Slab Back Ribs

I enjoyed my experience at ANB.  The food tastes delectable.  The serving is in good proportion. You won't regret paying for the food they will serve.

I believe everyone deserves a steak and you better get yours at Anak ng Baka.

Anak ng Baka
Door #1 Avenue Suites,
12th St. cor Lacson St.,
Bacolod City
(034) 4320180

 photo 52513848-856f-4de3-b1e6-f2e3f271acb3.jpg
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