Tuesday, May 13, 2014


It is cliche-ic to write about motherhood on Mother's day. And I still don't have the right to write on the topic because I don't have a child, nor am I bearing one as to date. This is no greeting nor sharing of experience of someone.

Today, I write on motherhood because I think I am not ready to be one. I am scared of the responsibility.  I'm scared that I could not live up to expectation of being a good mother.  It is too much that someone's needs is dependent on you.  

Somehow, I still don't feel the attraction for children. I have a complicated time understanding them. I have a nephew who, one day wants all your attention, giving you hugs and entertaining you with all of his skills yet also knows how to say no whenever he doesn't feel like it.  He is only 4 but he oftentimes outwit me with his demands and I don't like a bit of it. Ron's niece came to Negros for a month's vacation and instantly I dislike her.  She's 7, plays dolls, orders her Mamita (lola) around, doens't share her food which my husband bought and she gets a hold of the family's laptop amidst her owning a tablet. I don't entirely get allergic reactions with kids. I enjoy their company but once the crying starts or they get bitchy, they no longer interest me.

I see how tiring but selfless  it is to care for a child.  Looking after their welfare, tidying their poops, tending to their bruises,  is entirely intricate. I am scared with all of it.  I don't know if I could handle.

Every night I pray that the Lord God will bless our marriage with a child. We are already in our thirties and I want to spend as much time as we could with our children in the future.  I believe that the early we start, the earlier we would be finished rearing our children, and so we could move on to retiring stress free.  Now, on our 6th month of marriage, we are continuously trying to have a baby.  While others are saying that we should enjoy our marriage as husband and wife, our folks, uncles and aunts are asking of an apo.  But I believe, the Lord will bless us with a baby once we are ready.  Children are blessings and given only to those who deserve them. Maybe the Lord delays his gift because He understands the desires of our hearts more than we do. He is above the norm of the society and what ot dictates. Maybe we are not yet ready.  Maybe His time for us to be parents is not yet now.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Staycation at Business Inn

Today my husband and I are celebrating our 6th month of marriage.  No vacations planned, no movie date, nor a candle lit dinner for two.  We decided to treat ourselves to a night at a hotel.  Staycation it is at the Business Inn.

While waiting for the rest our work to be done, we booked a room at the hotel and availed of their Cool Room Rates Promo, giving us a 30% discount.  We went home grabbed some overnighters, had our simple dinner and then off we went to our humble abode for the night.
 photo SUMMER-PROMO-2014.jpg
It is a way of beating the summer heat and spend a night in an air conditioned room.


The Amenities
We got a room at the 2nd floor which was good because Business Inn doesn't have an elevator.  The Regular Room is very basic, good for 2 people but could accommodate 4 pax.  It was equipped with 2 Twin Beds.  I should have requested for a Double/Matrimonial bed but nonetheless, the beds were comfy and soft.

 photo BusinessInn-1.jpg

An old TV with cable is also in the room.  A study table for your laptop is available.  A closet is provided for clothes or to store luggage.  The room has minimal electrical sockets.  I have to charge my phone at the CR.
 photo BusinessInn-5.jpg photo BusinessInn-3.jpg

Drinking Water is available upon request from the Room Service.

The toilet and bath is clean.  The hotel provides 2 sets of towel, shampoo and soap.   Shower is available but there is no hot water.
 photo BusinessInn-2.jpgBusiness Inn - Bathroom photo BusinessInn-4.jpg

Room Prices at 30% Discount

Delux Rooms
Regular                             Php       840
Junior Executive              Php        945
Senior Executive              Php       1085
Corporate                        Php       1365

Superior Rooms
AVP                                 Php       1113
CEO                                 Php       1183
Presidential's Suite            Php       1995
Director's Suite                 Php       2660
Chairman's Suite               Php       3150

Terms and Condition of the Cool Room Rates

  • Effective date is April 1, 2014 until May 20, 2014
  • Offer is subject to availability, is not applicable for groups 
  • Cannot be combined with any other offers (i.e. Senior discounts)
  • No charge for bookings cancelled more than 24 hrs prior to arrival for deluxe rooms or 72 hrs for suites.
  • In case of no show or late cancellation, a one night's room charge will be charged to credit card provided
  • A credit card is required at time of booking ut no charges will be made until check out.
  • Chein in is 2:00pm and check out is 12:00 nn

Sunday, May 4, 2014

35th Pasalamat Festival

We came home to La Carlota City for the highlight Street Dancing and Float parade of the 35th Pasalamat Festival today.   Pasalamat is a Hiligaynon (the dialect of Ilonggos) term for thanksgiving.  It's a celebration of gratitude to the Almighty for the bountiful harvests and life's blessings.  It also highlights how the city and its people thrive though hard times.  The festival is from an old age practice of offering thanksgiving to the god of agriculture residing inside the Kanlaon Volcano.
 photo Pasalamat-1.jpg

Started April 28 until May 4, the weeklong celebration ended with a parade of merrymakers in colorful costumes made of indigenous costumes. What makes the parade special and unique is the beat the parade participants dance to.  The beat is an original, named Sambita beat, composed by the former Mayor Luis Jalandoni Jr., a bongo player himself.  The Sambita is played by drum beaters using percussion instruments.

 photo Pasalamat-10.jpg

 photo Pasalamat-4.jpg
The Pasalamat Festival is one of the most colorful and festive in whole province of Negros.  I hope the photos below will encourage you to visit La Carlota for the 36th next year.
 photo Pasalamat-3.jpg

 photo Pasalamat-5.jpg

 photo Pasalamat-6.jpg

 photo Pasalamat-9.jpg

 photo Pasalamat-8.jpg

 photo Pasalamat-7.jpg
Pasalamat Festival
La Carlota City
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