Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quitter, I'm not a total Expert

Working at Coke is laborious in the true sense of work. Coming from a company where I was already delegating and managing people, it becomes a shocker in my part to be a beginner again.  Why do you ask did I agree to start all over again?

When I was starting at Manila Water, I was challenged everyday because there is so much to learn... work was never work because it was like a bigger school, your thirst for knowledge is quenched each day that you come in. I was a beginner at that time, it was my first job, and I was not over my scholarly attitude yet. LEARNING was my drive.

I brought that mentality to Coke, I took the challenge of learning the ropes so that some day, I could swing myself to higher grounds.  BUT in a manufacturing set-up, everything was a routine.  You do things the same way each day.  You bark the same bark, maybe louder, but yeah.. same bark. And it gets boring as day passes by.  And at my age and experience, it was a depressing note to do same tricks again.

I'm turning six months in the company doing the same routine week after week.  The only challenge I still was not able to conquer is getting my social life back likewise the travel bug seemed to evade me since I became a Tiger. So I'm in a dilemma again... should I stay and be consumed by the uncomforting routine or should I hang up the red shirt and jump into the unknown once more?

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