Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Saph at 2!! Time Really is Fast!

Happy happy birthday to my nephew, Saph!  You are very much loved.


Ode to Manila

I miss Manila.  I want my life in the chaotic city back.  Minus the long stressful hours and maddening demands from work, I would like to think that my life in Manila is way BETTER than what I have today.

I miss the fact that I'm the boss of my own house.  Although there is no one to boss around at the very least, I make decisions that affects no one.  And I don't need to adjust with those I live with.

I would like to have chance to go back to Manila to attend all theater shows I have missed and will be missing just because I'm home.  I miss my friends and the eat outs that we do.  I miss going home in the wee hours of the night because there is always a place or an event up even on these ungodly hour.  And I surely miss looking through airlines' website because I still do holidays and vacations.  I surely hunger for another roadtrip or a 3-day getaway to the beach or a historic destination.

I'm getting bored.  I have a business that is taking most of my time but it is getting routinary that I could do it in my sleep.  Sometimes, I would want to vomit at my day to day activities because it is like eating the same food everyday.  It gets untasteful even if that food is your favorite.

The only thing that is enjoyable is going home to a jolly nephew which brings smile to you. I wonder how such a lovable kid came out from a rotten bitch.

Enough said.  I miss Manila.  And I need to come back.

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