Thursday, May 10, 2012

Update on the 2012 Official Philippine Holidays

Last April 4, 2012, the Pres. Noynoy Aquino signed Proclamation No. 361 declaring December 24, 2012 a special non-working holiday. I would likely be looking forward for the Christmas holidays knowing that the Christmas Eve is now officially a no work day.

But I think the 2-day holidays, December 24-25, are not enough to celebrate Christmas.  Especially for those who are from the province but works in Manila or in other places.  Better save up on your leaves and extend the vacation to celebrate until the New Year 2013.

Based on Proclamation No. 295 signed by Pres. Noynoy Aquino, the holidays are of the following dates:

January 1, 2012 (Sunday) – New Year’s Day
January 23, 2012 (Monday) – Chinese New Year

February 25, 2012 (Saturday) – Anniversary of EDSA Revolution (special holiday)

April 5, 2012 – Maundy Thursday
April 6, 2012 – Good Friday
April 7, 2012 – Black Saturday (special non-working day)
April 9, 2012 (Monday) – Araw ng Kagitingan

May 1, 2012 (Tuesday) – Labor Day

June 12, 2012 (Tuesday) – Independence Day

August 21, 2012 (Tuesday) – Ninoy Aquino Day
August 27, 2012 (Monday) – National Heroes Day

November 1, 2012 (Thursday) – All Saints’ Day (special non-working day)
November 2, 2012 (Friday) – All Souls’ Day (special non-working day)
November 30, 2012 (Friday) – Bonifacio Day

December 24, 2012 (Monday) – Christmas Eve (special non-working holiday)
December 25, 2012 (Tuesday) – Christmas Day
December 30, 2012 (Sunday) – Rizal Day
December 31, 2012 (Monday) – Last Day of the Year (special non-working day)


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