Sunday, March 11, 2012

Singapore Art Museum

I don't have a job and I live by my Philippine pesos savings in Singapore.  It's expensive here but this dilemma does not put my explorations at a halt.  I figured that there are ways to see Singapore without spending much.

So last Friday, I visited the Singapore Art Museum which has free admissions during Fridays at 6PM to 9PM.  Famous for its nickname, SAM, the museum features art histories likewise contemporary art practices in Singapore, South East Asia and the world. It is housed in a restored 19th Century Missionary School as seen with its facade with a Saint welcoming its visitors and interiors that are very much like an abode for the religious. The white building of SAM was guarded by a strikingly statue of the headless superman withering like a candle wax which stood in front.

Singapore Art Museum

Their current feature is The Singapore Show: Future Proof which is a collaboration of young artists whose works, artistry and innovation has gained attention and acclaimed brilliance from different art circles.  They are the next generation of artists to watch out for.

Paralleled with Future Proof is the Collector's Show featuring Chimera.  Chimera brings together works of Asian contemporary art from 21 collections around the world.  An evocative word, Chimera is referenced both from the mythological hybrid monster and the idea of illusion, fantasy or delusion.  A variety of works, from painting to sculpture, to interactive media, to new media, and installations. The artworks aims to remind us of issues which continuously test our judgement at every turn and corner of our new millennium.

See some of their works below:

Statue of Venus Obliterated by Infinity Nets 2/10 by Yayoi Kusama

Jesus by Takashi Murakami

Orange Madonna by Yasmin Sison

The ones that stood out the most is a work by Patricia Eustaquio which is composed of a piano lace cover swathed over an absent piano.  The work is very delicate in detail giving a haunting feeling of hallowness and loss.

Psychogenic Fugue by Patricia Eustaquio

Likewise, I find this artistic work, worth mentioning as this is composed of red rays set in a former chapel of the convent exuding a feeling of tranquility or that there's a red light from the heavens.

The man in the picture is actually a person and not part of the art.

Singapore Art museum is free during Fridays 6-9PM! =)

Singapore Art Museum (SAM @8Q)
8 Queen Street
Singapore 188535

Source:  Singapore Art Museum Program


  1. Thanks!!! I appreciate all encouragements!

  2. Ein wirklich interessanter Blog, und schön eingeleitet mit dem provokativen Foto. Diese Bild ist wirklich sehr ungewöhnlich wie z.b. dieses Gemälde von dem schweizer Maler Paul Klee und seinem Blick über dem Park. Dieses und noch vielmehr kann auf angeschaut und als Druck oder auch als Gemälde bestellt werden.


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