Saturday, March 31, 2012

Experiencing Titanic

I have been a fan of the movie Titanic by James Cameron.  Until now, it gives me goosebumps.  So when Liz and I were looking for an activity to do when we met up, visiting the Titanic Exhibit at the Art Science Museum at the Marina Bay Sands was up in our list.

Minus the lovestory, the movie speaks about history of how in 1912 the great Titanic exudes magnificent engineering in the modern age as it loaded 2223 passengers to New York in a 4-day voyage.  Dubbed to be unsinkable, in the 2nd day of its voyage, it has reached its doom, as it struck into an iceberg.
But the story of the Titanic was only told by those who survived it.  Little was known about it except by those told by a mere 706 individuals who surpassed the tragedy.  But in 1985, Titanic was discovered in the sea bed, 4 km under.  And several missions have been done to obtain relics and artefacts from the vessel and these pieces compose what is the Titanic Exhibit which is shown all over the world.  Singapore is previlege that the Titanic has docked at the Marina Bay Sands!  And I am previleged enough to have the opportunity to see the exhibit

Unfortunately, photos are not allowed inside the exhibit so Liz and I were only left to this one photo which is at the entrance of the exhibit.

As soon as we hand in our tickets we were given a boarding pass for the Titanic. It is a replica of the boarding pass in 1912 and at the back are the details of an actual passengers, their passenger status and their company during the travel, and their reasons for traveling.  I was a 2nd class mother traveling with my son who's boarding pass was handed to Liz.

At the first part of the museum is about the conceptualization and construction of Titanic and its 2 other sisters, Olympia and Britannic. Among the specimens present are the blueprints or plans of the Titanic and the other 2 ships.  Likewise, it showed how a lot of engineers has put their fingers to make Titanic exude in magnificence.
Building the Titanic

The next room shows the levels of the titanic from the boiler room (which fuels the Titanic), then the 3rd class or economy class, 2nd class and the first class.  The reconstruction of the 2nd and the first class is very impressive and extravagant.  It is similar (and even more) to some hotels I have seen.  We got to see the replicas of the beds, dressers, toilet and carpeted floors.
Luxury at the First Class

Even the staircase we have seen in the movies was replicated and reconstructed for the audiences' eyes. There are also some artefacts in glasscases like brushes, or toothpaste jars, perfumes etc.  It is quite amazing that we could still see them despite being in the sea bed for 75 long years.

There was also a part of the exhibit where one could see the top deck, the dark night full of stars and the iceberg that hit the Titanic.  There was a big ice sculptured into an iceberg that the audience could touch and feel the freezing temperature which is awesome.

Iceberg straight ahead!!

Though awesome is the whole exhibit, there is also a part that is quite haunting and depressing.  There was a wall listing all the passengers of Titanic and its crew and whether or not he or she survived.  Fortunately the original owner of my boarding pass and Liz' survived the tragedy.

The last part of the exhibit is the wreck itself.  We were transported in the sea bed down under and was presented with artifacts and their pictures of how they were discovered by the underwater missions which is very tedious and time consuming (almost 12 hours).

Exiting, the exhibit closes with how help has asked and given to the survivors and the families of those who perished in the tragedy.  And even if Singapore is million of miles away from the location, SG has a big contribution when news has reached its shores.

Tickets are sold at 21SGD (with 3SGD booking fee) for adults.  It may sound expensive but I think with all the efforts done in the recovery and preserviations of the artifacts and bringing the proof of Titanic's existence to your doorstep, it is worth every dollar.

The exhibit is on until the 29th of April 2012.  Hope you guys could take a visit. =)

The Titanic Exhibit
Art Science Museum
Marina Bay Sands

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