Saturday, May 21, 2011

I set my heart for I Heart Froyo

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Not me. And who doesn’t love healthy ice cream? Surely not my mother.

Yogurt have been a craze for awhile. Though healthy and yummy, my pocket cringe whenever I see how pricey it is. But it surely shouted for joy when my sisses introduced me to I Heart Froyo at Maginhawa St., in Teacher’s Village in Quezon City. Because this yogurt breaks away from the healthy but expensive genre, I Heart Yogurt gives you a yummy and healthy treat for low prices. Oh yeah baby, L-O-W.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tokyo Café: The Untraditional Japanese Restaurant

Tokyo Café is Japanese resto in a twist.  They actually serve Western cuisine with a Japanese touch
After watching Thor 3D, we decided to take on some dinner at Tokyo Café.   Once we stepped inside the café, the staff greeted you in Japanese.


Kat and I got chicken and we ordered rice to pair it with.  She got Chicken Ala Pobre while I got Tokyo Boneless Chicken.  

Monday, May 2, 2011

Puerto Galera: Easy Manila Escape

puerto galera
Puerto Galera

My friend Joan and I have been looking for the next cheap destination to cool down from the summer heat.  So when we heard that our (work) batchmate Tins and another friend, Fats, are heading to Puerto Galera for the weekend, we instantly invited ourselves to their escape.  Although I have been in Manila for almost 10 years and Jo is born in Manila herself, we haven't set foot in the famous beach of Puerto Galera.

Fats and Tins were already at Gale Friday while Jo and I left Manila on a Saturday.  Since we are spending the weekend for this trip, we decided to catch an early bus heading to Batangas Pier to maximize the fun.  There are many bus lines going to Batangas Pier but only a few have buses leaving as early as 4am.  We headed to Jam Terminal in Buendia and paid Php 265 for a 3 hour trip. All we did was catch on sleep.

When we arrived at the port, there are a lot of people already amidst our early arrival. I guess, it is not only us who had the idea of escaping Manila just before the summer ends.  Though there are no signages telling you where to go, it was easy for us to figure it out because people swarm in one direction.  So all we did was follow.

batangas pier terminaljo at the termina
Partners in Crime for the weekend

Going to White Beach in Gale, we rode a banca (outrigger boat), that occupies about 50-70 people.  We paid Php 1000 for a round trip ticket including terminal fee and environemental fee. They provided each passenger a life jacket which I wore all throughout the 60-minute trip.  Blame it on the scary disasters which happened going to Mindoro island, I'd rather be safe that sorry.

inside the outrigger boatbanca ride
Banca ride to our weekend fun

After so many offered options of where to stay, Jo and I decided to take a room at Don Leo's all for the reason that it is beach front.  But it comes with a price.  We paid Php 2500 for a room that could accomodate 4 people.  Since it was only the 2 of us, it was a bit pricey.  I think it also comes with the season.  Some of my friends say that Puerto Galera is a cheap vacation during the off peak months.  Rooms could be as low as Php1000 for 4 pax.

don leo lodge
We got  2 bed-for-2s

Amenities at Don Leo's were very simple.  Our room is only equipped with an aircon and a cable TV with very limited channels.  Water is poor because they have deepwell as their source.  And since Puerto Galera is on peak, we have to wait for the previous occupants to vacate and another waiting time for the employees of the lodge to clean up.  It was an agony especially if you have limited time.

Because there was no ATM at the beach, the group (together with Tins and Fats) decided to get cash from the Bayan where the ATMs are. We took a tricycle (paid Php 150 to and fro) to reach Bayan.  We also did a little grocery shopping since prices overhiked at the beach area.

The rest of the day was spent on lazying at the beach to catch the sun and swimming to cool ourselves from the heat.  Jo and I enjoy having tan lines even if it meant looking burnt.

jump for PGpuerto galera beach
Loving the sun, the sand and the company.

What I love also about Puerto Galera is the tiangge because it is an opportunity to shop for beach wear.  I usually buy from these because it is really cheap compared to the malls in Manila.  Of course, just be sure you brought along your haggling skills.
tianggei love puerto galera
Can't do away with shopping

Aside from the beach, Puerto Galera is famous for its bars and clubs that come alive during the night.  Likewise, people seem to transform when the sun comes down.  A lot of gay performers compete for your attention inviting you to party with them.  Jo and I saw 2 to3 performers then we decided to have a massage.  In Gale, they have an association of masseuse thus the rates are standardized at Php 200.  Each masseuse lay a cloth in the sand and viola, "Let the good kneading begin!"  It was a de-stressing treat.

puerto galera by night
Puerto Galera by night

The following morning, it was another round of sun bathing.  We just can't get enough of the beach, the sand and our tan!
reg sunbathingjo sunbathing
Beach bums!

Checkout time at Don Leo is at 12NN so we headed back around 11AM for a quick bath and packed our things up.  Though we have checked out, we left our bags at the counter of the lodge to relieve our shoulders from our heavy packs.  We headed to the tiangge for another shopping while we wait for our boat to arrive.

Puerto Galera did not fail our goal of a sunny, relaxing and funfilled short vacation.  Except for the peak season price hike, it was definitely an escape you would return to.  =)

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