Friday, December 2, 2011

Sound of Music

Right after dinner at Johnny Chow, me and my friends hurriedly went to the Newport Performing Arts Theater.  We were running late already, we arrived inside with Act 1 already starting.  We were only escorted to our seats when the singing ended so we won't disturb the other theater goers.

Sound of Music is a broadway musical of 1959 by Richard Rodgers and is inspired from the true story of a World War I naval hero, Georg von Trapp.  Sound of Music is a piece I am very familiar.  I have seen the movie which starred Julie Andrews a gazillion times.  I am familiar with the songs and the scenes.  It is so vivid though the last time I saw the movie was during highschool.

That's why I got so excited to know that Sound of Music is back in Manila.  Because I want to enjoy theater without breaking the bank, I looked for vouchers and good enough I stumbled upon Ensogo vouchers for Sound of Music balcony seats with match and play of Php 1000 for only 885Php.

Sound of Music Poster from RWM

Sound of Music is a story of Maria Rainer, a postulate who was assigned to be a governess to the 7 kids of the widower Captain Georg von Trapp. She became a mother teaching music and art of singing to the kids and eventually melted the cold heart of the naval captain.  She fell in love, not only with the children but also to Georg von Trapp.  The story was set in the 1930s where Austrians are about to be dominated by the Germans.  Georg von Trapp loved his country so much he gave up the luxuries of his family and stood up for his beliefs.


The 3-hour musical was an extravaganza starting with Joanna Ampil as Maria and the Jon Joven as George von Trapp.  I was hoping to have Audie Gemora as the naval father to 7 kids but I came home not disappointed becaue Jon is equally superb as her costar Joanna.  Joanna Ampil was excellent in her portrayal as The rest of the cast who starred as the Von Trapp kids were excellent.  I love the girls who portrayed Brigitta and Gretl, they were lovable.

Superb performance from Joanna Ampil.  Photo from ABS CBN

Other stars that surprised me is Pinky Amador who plays Baroness Elsa Shraeder and tv and film personality and comedienne Debraliz Valasote playing as the housekeeper of the von Trapp family.  I never knew Pinky Amador could sing.  And I was at awed of how Valasote could fluently speak Austrian.  =)

Hearing the nuns sing headed by Pinky Marquez as Mother Abbess is a slice of heaven.  They are like angels in rejoice and in praises.  It was fabulous to hear them sing.

Catch Sound of Music at Resorts World Manila.  The show is extended until March 25, 2012.

Sound of music
Resorts World Manila

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