Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 the Great year of Travels

I think this is the year of my most expensive travelling, if combined, to date.  I have been to many several places, to give in to the itch my feet has been feeling.  So here are my unforgettable adventures:

1)  Puerto Princesa, Palawan

I think more than the nature, the scenic view, the tan and the food, it was one of greatest escapes for the year because I spent it with my family.

2)  Cebu City, Cebu

Amidst the rains, our vacation to cebu is one special because this is the first out-of-towns that me and Ron has ever gone to.

3) South Korea

I love South Korea. If there is a place with language barrier I would be trapped in, it would be South Korea. The autumn backdrop was perfect, my partner in crime Kat is all game, there are friends we could run to and we made most out of what Seoul has to offer us.  It was one helluva experience.

4)  Hong Kong Disneyland

Going back to Hongkong to spend a day in Disneyland was used to be an outrageous plan.  But we did it.  Being in the one of the happiest places on earth was a heart warming experience.  I felt tears in my eyes not only once in the park everytime I feel overwhelmed of the blessing to be actually there and experience Disney!  It was fabulous.

5) Puerto Gallera

This is the on-the-spot trip that me and my friends from work did just because the summer sun is so hot and we are craving for the beach.  So we packed our bags, loaded it with pairs of bikinis and readied ourselves to party.  It was an expensive beach escape but then,  we needed it so badly.

6) Trips to Bacolod

I think I have gone home a gazillion times in 2011.  And home is always a special haven for me. It is a breather from my chaotic life in Manila.  =)

7) Manila Trip with Manong's Family and Mom

This is the first time that Saph has gone to Manila.  Manong is going to Saudi Arabia to work and so the whole family did a send off.  We visited Manila Zoo and spend most of the time at SM MOA.  Saph, Manong and Graze also had a chance to visit Manila Ocean Park

8) Iloilo

Just two days ago, I crossed seas to Iloilo with Ron to attend the annual gathering of the SILAK-SILAB community.  It was my first time to attend after being a member since 2003.  And I sure glad I did because it was only at that party that I got to see some big shot abyans that has inspired me to who I have become today.

9) Zamboanga

I guess the reason we went is we thought it would be a waste of tickets if we won't push through with it. So even if we don't have enough money, Ellainne and I still went but I don't regret this trip at all.  It is one vacation that has no planned itinerary yet we have maximized Zamboanga!

10)  Enchanted Kingdom

This is the trip that I was made with bestie Lenny and my college friends Kat and Ellainne. Although, it is not my first time in EK, I still enjoyed it because of these 3 people . =)

11) Intramuros and Manila Zoo Exploration

This is my bonding trip with Rex when he visited me in Manila.   Not that the places are special.. I think what made it unique is seeing my brother actually enjoy.

I'm looking forward to more adventures in 2012.  I'm excited.

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