Monday, November 28, 2011

Tip: Commuting to the NAIA Terminal 3 Airport

I always travel outside Manila with only a backpack, so I always see to it that I commute to the airport and avoid the taxis.  I come from Quezon City and taxis to the airport costs me about Php 400, that is without traffic.  With some directions and loads of ample time, I could totally save on taxi fares.

So how do you go to the airport with minimum costs? I would like to share with you my route coming from work because I usually schedule vacations right after office work to maximize .

Coming from main office at Balara, take a MRT Ikot jeep at UP (Php 11) going to Quezon Avenue MRT.  This jeep drops you off at the U-turn area in front of McDonalds to avoid the long walk.  From Quezon Ave, ride MRT to Taft Station (Php 15).  At this point, you would exit the side of Metropoint Mall.  Cross at the other side of MRT (where the passengers enters Taft Station).  Exit MRT and you would find McDonalds. There's a bus terminal at the back of McDonald's, where you will find NAIA Terminal loop.  This goes directly to Terminal 3 for only Php 20. I usually allot an hour and a half for travel time for this route.

So for only Php 46, I have gone to the airport and ready to enjoy a vacation!  So for your next destination, if you only have a backpack, and still have time to spare, save on taxi fares for more pocket money.

P.S. No work on Wednesday! Where would you be?


  1. Hey, thanks for this info! Very helpful. By the way, would you happen to know what time's the last trip of the bus going to Terminal 3? :)

  2. I'm not really sure, but I've seen them operate as early as 6am and as late as 9PM.

  3. Aside from shuttle bus, if ever po di ko there any other traspo po ba? like jeep ?


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