Friday, November 4, 2011

Seoul Day 1: Korean Dinner: Samgyeopsal

After the National Folk Museum, Kat and I hurriedly went to Namdaemun. We are to meet my college friends, Sis Danes and Abyan Joebert for a dinner treat from the latter.  These people have been at Seoul for almost 5 years and it feels so good to find some friends in a new city.

We met them at Doota Mall.  As I was asking for authentic Korean food, Abyan Jobert led us to the restos scattered near Namdaemun.

After being settled at a small Korean diner, Abyan Joebert called on the server and ordered in Korean! Bravo byan!  Now I'm assured we won't be lost in translation.  Hahaha! Even Sis Danes knows and understand Korea.  I guess, to survive Korea, you have to know the language, at the very least, understand it.


Abyan Joebert got us Samgyeopsal.  Samgyeopsal is grilled thin pork cooked in a grill placed in the diner's table.  The grilled pork is wrapped in lettuce with raw or cooked garlic.  You could add sliced onions, some leaves and kimchi.  The grilled pork is dipped into sauce like sesame oil or chili sauce.



Abyan Jobert paired the Samgyeopsal with Soju and Mekju.  Soju is Korean wine with 20% spirits. I love the taste of Soju, it is similar to vodka but kicks harder! Mecju is Korean beer.  Abyan Jobert introduced us to SoMek when he combined Soju and Mekju in our shot glasses.  It taste even better.  Talk about being a drunkard. =p

Afterwards, Oppa, Danes longtime boyfriend came to the restaurant and joined us. He had dinner already so he only ordered tea with cinnamon and ginger.  That was so divine!!!


I enjoyed our food and most especially, seeing my friends.  I was sure glad to have seen Danes who left for Korea 5 years ago, right after college.  I was thankful that Abyan Joebert also agreed to meet us.  Though he was already an alumnus of our organization when we were still residents, there seem to be no awkwardness. =)


After the dinner we proceeded to Doota Mall to look for  pasalubong and Ref Magnets.  Oppa and Danes brought us home to Hwaseong City.

Thanks so much Sis Danes and Oppa! Thank you very much Abyan Jobert! I had a grand time! Till our next Seoul visit. =)

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