Sunday, September 11, 2011

Food Expo at the World Trade Center

Two consecutive weekends, mom and I trudged to the World Trade Center to witness the food expo.  September 4-5 showcased the Food and Drinks Expo.  This exhibit features mostly food franchise and starting the business with a small capital.  The common ones are the shakes, juices, coffee and tea while dumplings and potato products like twister, wedges and fries are also very competitive.

The next weekend, September 7-10, we came back for the Asian Food Expo (AFEX).  Known to be the main event in the food industry, it is a venue for suppliers of food ingredients, packaging and equipment, meet with food professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen.  What I like about the expo is the new ideas you could acquire and the suppliers see to it that these ideas are shared to increase the value and quality of food solutions.

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