Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Obtaining an Underground River Permit

At the airport, I was able to talk to Sir Manny Lucena who manage van rental services and gave him our plan. I got the information on the need of a permit to be able to do the Underground River Tour. Because Mel and Miming will arrive 7 hours after we do, we have ample time to get a permit, do a little shopping and tour the city.

So after settling down at Casa Fuerte, we got a tricycle to the Underground River booking office.

booking office

We hope to do the Underground River Tour the following day but the available schedule is only for Saturday as Friday was already fully booked. According to the lady who entertained us, only 90 people could be accommodated per hour. The tour lasts for 45 minutes and should be at the Sabang office an hour before schedule.

The Underground River booking office receives payment in the afternoon while payment is done at the City Hall during the mornings. We want to make sure we would have a schedule, we decided to go to their City hall. We were given a piece of paper with the rates:

Foreigner – Php 200
Adult Filipino - Php 150
18-20 yrs old – Php 75
12-17 years old - Php 50
6-12 years old - Php 30
5 years and below - free
Senior Citizen - Php 75

We hired a tricycle to the City Hall. His initial price was 60php, yet we haggled it to Php40.

The employees at the city hall are very accommodating and helpful. We were only there for only 10 minutes. No wonder they are ISO 9001:2000 certified.
city hall

 Going back to the booking office, we rode a jeep to the Bayan which costs Php 14 each.

We showed the personnel our receipt and filled up the forms for the permit. We chose the 9:30-10:30 AM schedule so that we could have the afternoon for other activities.
 After grabbing some paraphernalia on Palawan, we went to look for lunch as our tummies are rumbling for good food.

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