Friday, July 29, 2011

Wonderful Palawan

I am currently in Palawan with my family for our annual vacation.  Mom and my brothers and Miming, my brother's GF came to Manila yesterday for our great Palawan adventure.  Since there are no direct flights from Bacolod to Puerto Princesa, I booked them tickets to Manila and then to Puerto Princesa for this great escape.  My family could actually cross to Iloilo and from there get on a Superferry or Montenegro vessel to Princesa which would take about 18 hours.  Good thing I got promo airline tickets Bacolod-Manila and Manila-Puerto Princesa and back giving us the convenience and savings.

Amidst the rains pouring over the busy Manila streets due to typhoon Juaning, Puerto Princesa is cloudy and eager to receive tourists to share its nature's gifts.  I was actually relieve to see a little bit of sun when we reached the airport of Palawan.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Investing in the Stock Market


Last week, I have opened an account with Citiseconline and started investing in the stock market.  Note, the term used was investing.  Not trading.  Investing means building your wealth with the company.  It is putting your money in the company in a long term.  Trading is buying and selling, sometimes daily by active traders. Not that I oppose but I wouldn't have the time to check the market trends day in day out. Of course, one day, I would sell the stocks that I bought and when that day comes, that is when the price and time is right.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Strutting the Pirates look

Today, I am strutting the Pirates Look. I wish Pirates of the Carribean is still shown in the cinemas, it would have been timely. I would have been setting the trend.

I finally had the time and guts to have my upper eye lid operated. It was actually a minor procedure lasting only for 15 minutes. But an aftermath is a black-eye which my doctor has warned me. I haven't seen my eye yet though although according to my doctor, it is fine if I would take out my patch when I arrive home. But I'll wear the look for awhile...

Yesterday, I had gone to an eye doctor, Jesus Altuna, M.D. who specializes in glaucoma, eye laser, etc. to have my upper eyelid check. I have this small "kuliti" in my left upper eyelid for some months now and I have been postponing my appointment for several time due to work. It was only yesterday that I have the time to see my doctor.

I think Dr. Altuna is one rocking doctor with patients queuing outside his clinic. He was very professional when he had a look at my problem.

As he had free time to do my operation, he scheduled me for a 15 minute date at the Operating Room of Capitol Medical Center today. He is actually cool in the OR joking around with 2 medical attendants who assisted in my operation. and he occasionally involve me in their conversation to ease my worries.

Yes, I got worried. Frantic in fact. It was the first time I went into the OR. Most of my life, I am very well and healthy. So I am terrified to do the operation alone. With no family and friends who I wish are with me (oh yeah, I was trying to be independent and maybe strong), I am doubly frantic.

pirates eye

So here I am now, with a patch, proud of all the pain I suffered for about 4 hours now (and probably counting).

P.S. Probably, there are a lot of wrong spellings in this post. Pardon the one eye left to work extra hard to get me by. =)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Catch-up Lunch at MoMo Cafe

Tom and I met up with Sheena for lunch today.  The three of us used to work with Frank at Manila Water. It has been half a year since the old man Frank left the company, so we decided to have lunch to catch up on what has happened.  Having no planned venue, Tom and I roamed around Eastwood mall while waiting for Sheena.

After checking out 3 restaurants, we decided to eat at Momo Cafe for the reason that it is full.  And you know how a jampacked restaurant reflects, it means good food and hopefully reasonable price. Momo Cafe surely lived up to its name: more food, more drink.

We were MoMo-fied!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mango Cheesecake by Conti's

Adding to their popular line of cakes, Conti's is now serving Mango Cheesecake.  Pureed mango is added to the cream cheese mixture giving the cake a mango taste and a subtle golden color.  Ripe chunks of mangoes were added as toppings. The cake is very light and creamy.  For this cake, the cheese flavor  was overpowered by the the tropical fruit. So if you are a mango lover, this cake should be in your list.

Mango Cheesecake
Mango Cheesecake, Php 70 per slice

Thursday, July 14, 2011

EPEC Approved

I finally got my Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC)from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of Singapore. This is already my second try and finally it has been granted to me.

In my first try, I still filled out the usual questions on my educational background and then 2 days after I got an email from MOM that my application was rejected. A week later, after reading through how to go about rejected applications to MOM, I sent an email to MOM to appeal on my case. How could they possibly reject such application when their only basis of approval is educational history. I'm not bragging, but I graduated from the most prestigiuos state university and I am currently taking up further studies so how in the world did I got rejected. So I sent them scanned copies of my diploma, my grades etc for them to realize that I am fit to join their work force. But then I received a reply that I just need to reapply! But I have to wait 90 days since I filed my appliction for me to reapply.

So after three months, I logged on again at MOM's website and reapplied. Two days later, I got an email requesting for some of my documents like diploma, certificates, photo, passport for them to evaluate. I have prepared all of them when I decided to look for work abroad so it was an easy job.

Two weeks later, I got another email that my EPEC got approved and I will be receiving my certificate in my given address.

So today, I went home happy to finally see my EPEC. I don't know when I would be leaving for SG yet but I know its an opportunity I should not pass.

Monday, July 11, 2011

No Title. Just Plain Musings (and Rants)

I have been complaining nonstop of how much I hate my work, of how much I wanted to quit, and of how desperate I am for another job. Secretly, I look forward to living the bum life, spend all my savings on non essentials, and live a rebelious life just to say that I am actually living.  Although stopping is a lucrative plan but it ain't option.

I'm 27.  I have the most vague plan let alone having a plan. And I keep on blaming the absense of direction to quarter life crisis because I have no one to tag it to.  At this late adulthood, I am full of angst, anger and pride, feelings mostly associated to puberty.  I feel like I am threading on quakesand without a buoy to get me out of it.  I have gone stagnant.  Comparing with my peers, who probably earns twice or thrice my salary or driving their own car or perhaps, being the bosses of their own business, I am far way behind.  So maybe I'm a late bloomer.  But I could in no way reason that out.   I am tired of the demands of my age but amidst what I feel, I need to work, take responsibilities, and be at par to the invisible standards set before me.

So maybe I haven't gone the way I planned it. I am not the doctor I thought or planned to be when I answered the question "What would I be when I grow up?". Maybe, I didn't meet expectations. But my life has to move on. I have limits and I am accepting it for me to be stronger and more complete. It is never too late to actually acknowledge the life I am living and embrace the changes and decisions I have made.

So here it is, while I do not have a concrete plan yet, I have to live out my life.  I have to make little steps to strategize a plan.  I could not just wait for the plan to just pop in my head worthy of a squeeking "eureka", I have to actually make it.   I don't dream for the day when I have to say, what if.  I have to try anything and everything and hopefully, I would struck on gold.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tugue Cancelled

The Tuguegarao trip which is supposedly tomorrow is cancelled.  No money. Good thing the airfare is only 214 back and forth so it won't be much of a big deal if we won't be able to use the ticket.  But I really realy wanted to go see Tugue especially the underground cemetery if only my funds permit.

So instead of hitting Tugue for the weekend, I'm set to watch the remaining films of the French Film Festival. I'm spending time at the UPFI for free films just like during my college days.  I'll be bumming out in the house as well for the rest of the weekend.

It seems eons since I've stayed in the house without nothing to do.  I'm having withdrawal syndrome just thinking about it.
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