Monday, June 6, 2011

Desserts for Lunch at Sebatian's


My cousin have been hearing raves about Sebatian's. And since dinner the other night, she was meaning to go get a taste of the desserts, if not for our very late meet-up time. She won't go home without tasting Sebastian's and after packing our stuff we rushed to MOA for this treat.

Sebastian's Icecream Counter

My cousin got Chocoholics Anonymous while I ordered cheesecake icecream on waffle.

Chocoholics Anonymous

My own creation:  Blueberry cheesecake icecream on a waffle

The Chocoholics Anonymous is a so so while my waffle with icecream tasted better.  But both icecream were pricey... As my cousin say, its nothing special really. Hehehe!!! But she isn't disappointed... she just satisfied her curiosity, though not her cravings.

SM Mall of Asia

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