Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cebu's Secret: Casa Verde

6I love cheap fine dining.  So I was so thrilled when I came to Casa Verde.  I was more thrilled with their menu which is featuring food that are so cheap at Php 150-200.  I wish I have known of Casa Verde way long before.

We arrived at the restaurant around 6PM.  And even that early, the place was already jampacked.  The garden was the only place available.
casa verde garden

I was recommended to have their Brian's Ribs, which is very reasonably priced at P160.  Imagine two big pieces of baked pork ribs with sweet tangy piquet sauce served with rice and a side dish of corn and carrots.  I was already warned of their big serving and that it was good for sharing.  Good thing I have a good and big appetite, I am ready for the challenge.

brian's rib
Brian's Ribs, Php 168

The Brian's Ribs is extremely out of this world.  The meat is so soft, it is falling off the bones.  I wished they served more rice to balance the big serving of baby back ribs.

We also ordered Beef and Mushroom which is beef and mushroom in a very creamy garlic sauce. 
beef and mushroom
Beef and Mushroom

And to complete our Casa Verde dining experience, we ordered their very popular dessert, Death by Chocolate.  If you are a chocolate and icecream lover, like I am, you are surely in for a treat, hitting two birds in one stone.  It is chocolate icecream with marchmallows, chocolate bits and nuts (somewhat like a rocky road icecream) in a chocolate cookie base enveloped with hardened chocolate and drizzled with chocolate syrup.  It is truly a yummy chocolate overload!

death by chocolate
Death by Chocolate

I just love Casa Verde.  It is one place, I hope to come back to when I visit Cebu again. =)

casa verde
Casa Verde
#69 Lim Tian Teng St.,
Ramos, Cebu City
Tel. + 63 32 253 6472 or +63 32 253 8234

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