Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Going Home to Bacolod

Boarding for Bacolod.  I'm excited to go home.  My flight is being called while I'm typing the hell out...The queue would be long anyway and the plane won't leave without me.  So I'll waste a few minutes ticking on my keyboard waiting for coherence to sink in.

i'm really looking forward for an escape from Manila and the stress and suffocation I've been feeling.  I need the fresh air literally and figuratively...I'll enjoy the four-day vacation...making the most of it... the queue is getting shorter now..have to get in  line as well...

I think this would be one of the last flights to home (for the year).... I don't know when is the next.  But I'm not afraid.  I'm not sad even.  Maybe that's for now... let's see when the day comes.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Am I ready for a new Adventure?

It has been months since I'm looking for work. Not that I'm not happy with MWC. But I think the only reason why I kept on staying in Manila is because of school. And maybe some friends (Frank and Tom included) at work.. I'm a thesis shy which I could still do even if I'll be leaving Manila. I've got no family here. There are lesser reasons to stay.

My first option was to go home. Most of the offers back home do not match my compensation here. Maybe a factor to that is back home it is provincial rate. But everytime I'm thinking of going home, I always hear Frank, my former boss, saying "What would you do there?" I remember those talks I had with him about me wanting to go home and maybe stay there for good. Homesickness is drowning me. Even with 11 years in Manila, home is where my heart belongs. Although home does not suffice my hunger for a flourishing career.

Just before the start of April, I got a job offer at Qatar. At Nakilat Keppel Offshore and Marine ltd. The position offered is Assistant Engineer for Contaminated Water Treatment Facility. Basically the major responsiblity is similar to a chemist.

The package they are offering is quite good. Although the salary is just almost double of what I'm getting, I think it would still make a big difference with my finances.  Aside from that, everything will be shouldered by the company. I just could not go home quite often. I would only have a round trip ticket. I am apt to go since it is a good opportunity. And if I would not like it there, I could always come home.

That's the reason maybe I am leaning towards taking another adventure in Qatar. It is something better to put in my resume than a small company back home. But I've got no one there. And everything would be new. I'm so scared about all that.

So there. I haven't said yes to the company yet and they are waiting for my reply. If I would go, I'll be rendering my resignation before the holy week starts. Let's see.
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