Monday, March 14, 2011

Calea’s Alluring Cakes

Everytime I go home, I always take the chance to eat at Calea’s and get a slice of its finest cakes.  It is a landmark in Bacolod and it is famous not only to locals but also to tourists.  Even my friends here in Manila raves about it.  So once again, me and my girls gathered in Calea for a slice or two of their famous cakes.

Calea first opened its pastry shop in Lacson in L’Sea.  This is the building right beside one of Bacolod’s finest hotels, L’Fisher’s Hotel.  Now there are 3 branches to cater the sugar craving palates.  The other branches are at Robinson’s Place in Mandalagan and the other in East Block near Lopue’s East.
Inside Calea, Main Branch at L' Sea

What I love about their cakes is that they are very sumptuous and yet relatively cheap.  The ingredients are very generous.  Just like the oreo cheesecake, you would find bits and crumbs of oreo cookies in the dense cheesecake.  
Oreo Cheesecake

The chocolate cake, which Calea is famous of, is very rich and the icing is not too sweet.
Chocolate Cake

Me and my friends always hang out at Calea.  A lot of family gatherings always ended in Calea for desserts.  Whenever we crave for sweets it is always at Calea.  I always recommend it to my friends whenever they chance upon setting foot in my hometown.  
Lemon Cream Pie, my oder last November

So you better do yourself a favor, never miss Calea whenever in Bacolod.  It’s not Bacolod without the sweets.  It’s not Bacolod without Calea.

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  1. I was able to visit bacolod before and I love Calea's cakes!!!!!!!


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