Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hard Times

The problem begins with me.  I hate saying goodbye and I have a hard time with changes and letting go.

Once again people are leaving… me for that matter gets to be left behind.

Last Monday, in the All Manager's Meeting, the president, Gerry Ablaza, announced that my boss, Frank has decided to retire and the new Operations Group Director will be Sir Ding Carpio.

I was stuck in my chair as I heard my boss say that it would be hard for him to leave, not because of work or the place but because of the people…Everyone was in standing ovation when he finished… He was teary eyed.. I on the otherhand, kept my composure as friends were asking me if I have known about this all along…

It took me by surprise of course as the final announcement has dawned on me.  I have an initial hunch that Frank will be retiring soon because of age and maybe he'll just wait for the Technical Service Agreement to be over so I was guessing that he's going back to UK around 2012… and that's it.  I was even envisioning myself preparing to explain to him reasons of leaving the company for good… or why I'm not going to accept the stocks that would be offered to me when the time comes that I get promoted to Associate Manager.  I was prepared that I will leave the company before he does.

Little did I know that there is more to it than his retirement.

Manila Water has decided to end the Technical Service Agreement with United Utilities early and will be effective December 31, 2010. Frank will have to step down from the position (Operations Group Director) and will be a technical adviser to the President and Sir Ding Carpio until Dec 31, 2010.

This was because Mitsubishi challenged Manila Water during the bidding of the UU Australia project.  Mitsubishi pointed out that how could Manila Water ensure its capabilities when in fact it is UU that handles the operations of Manila Water and not Manila Water itself.

So there goes Frank and Tom, due until Decemeber 31, 2010.

I think between the two, Frank is ready to leave..turning 62 this year and I've kept hearing his plans when he'll retire.  Tom on the otherhand is not ready to go or leave the country just yet as he was still processing the adoption for Maya.  And he can't just leave his family and his kid which would make the adoption process even more complicated. 

As per Tom, this issue was being discussed and has known to them since July.  And even before RDA, the former president of Manila Water, left to take the position of Department of Energy Secretary, he was was proposing to Tom that if in case he wants to stay in Manila Water, there is an attractive compensation package for him… For sure it would change their Financial status but at least he could be with his daughter until all the legalities are done.

So after the AMM, it was in the afternoon that Frank went into his office after several meetings.  Just as he entered, I went into his room and just gave him a hug and was not able to help myself and cried like a baby… I was telling him that I was so surprised with the news and I don't want him to leave.  And so he had me sat down and explained the reasons why…

He was I guess prepared for it… he was telling me that he would be there as long as people wants him to be… as you know, people change and as they have no need of you, they give less importance to you… and as you do less for them, they will pay no attention to you… which is a very true nature of people.

He was telling me of his plans after Manila Water…and the first thing that he would do when he comes back to UK is get me a plane ticket going there and I could visit him and he would let me stay in his home while I'm there… of course, I was glad to hear him say that but then I'm not hoping for it and I won't really mind if he won't fulfill it since I understand he won't have much money coming his way unlike before that he is employed.  But I'm thankful for his considerate words and intentions.

And then he filed a leave for Friday and Monday and he was gone again.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Agosto 18, 2010
20th Year Anniversary ng lovebirds Frank at Esther Beaumont
Frank and Esther
Frank and Esther Beaumont, making me believe that love is a wonder!

Beaumont Family
Frank and Esther with daughter, Julia, and son, Jonathan.

Agosto 19, 2010
27th Birthday of my beloved sis and close friend, Ma. Ricili Saldua-Villanuava
vigan with ice
Ricili and I at Vigan

From this Day Forward

I'll try to be happy...

for the blessings that I have...

for the people that surround me...family, friends, colleagues, because I am loved

for the learnings that I got...because I'm not stagnant

for the responsibility that is in my hands...because I have work and I'm a daughter, a sister, a friend.

for the triumph and success...because I'm good, even better..

for the sweat, tears and blood that drops...because I work hard...

for every breath, because I'm alive and loving.

I'll try to be happy for Frank... :)

Yehey for Free Movie Passes!!! Boohoo for the Robinson's Movie World!

I got free movie passes for Step Up 3 from Robinson's Appliance...so now that its QC Day, my brother and I thought that it would be a good time to spend the free movie tickets while school and work is off... so we went to Robinson's Galleria... after killing time, about 2 hours, we found ourselves denied of entry to Cinema 4 where Step Up 3 is shown as they are claiming that Robinson's Galleria is located in Quezon City!!!

Oh shit! Where have this people been all this time...Robinson's Galleria is in Mandaluyong or Pasig but not in Quezon City!!!

And so me and my brother just went home with just great bonding and a disappointment that we didn't catch Step Up 3!

Thank God for Manuel L. Quezon

Finally, got to rest in the middle of the week.  Thank God for Quezon City Day! Thank God for Manuel L. Quezon, the man behind the celebration.

If during highschool, I dread this day because I will be required to strut my Filipiniana costume as the school will be celebrating the Linggo ng Wika, I embrace this day and await for it to come when I went to UP... as the campus is located in Quezon City, thus no school day!! And now that I'm working at Balara, I have been up and watching the calendar every year for August 19th to book a vacation somewhere...

But this year, I'm just grateful for a non-working holiday!  I got to rest today, slept until 11AM and got to bond with Mel (which is another post) and got to do some chores that I have been putting off for awhile...

So having a very sad and tiring week, I am so happy for today...And thankful for some change..

Monday, August 16, 2010

Beerkada Complete Day 3

August 15, 2010.

Shopping day today.  We hit Greenhills and searched through their items for shoes, laptop case and shirts shirts shirts... Don't have money that day, so I was left to just look.  Pity me... owel...Still saving saving saving my millions.

After Greenhills, we went to SM MOA to kill time.  Len and Boy decided to watch a movie while I'll go to CCP for CATS the Musical featuring Lea Salonga.

Around 6PM, while the two are sipping their coffees, I hailed a cab going to CCP and met up with Kat to watch CATS!!!

Cats Baby!!

The show, based on the Old Possum's book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot and music by the theatre master Andrew Lloyed Webber (who is the man behind  Phantom of the Opera).  Amongst the popular songs was Memory which for this play, was sung by Lea who portrayed Grizabella.

Personally, I enjoyed the performances, all the dances and movements and singing.  but the problem was that  I sometimes could not understand the lyrics of the songs.  Lea was superb.  She played  Grizabella, a former Glamour Cat who lost her clout and sparkle, and now only seeks to be accepted by the Jellicle Cats society, whose members are all waiting to be reborn into a new life.  Her voice is so distinct and the words are well pronounced. No wonder she was awarded of a Tony.

After Cats, Kat and I headed back to SM MOA to meet up with the girls.  Found them sipping another batch of coffee from Starbucks... our last night...I'll surely miss them both.

I'll miss ya girls!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Barkada Complete Day 2

August 14, 2010.  Len, Boy and Reg Hits Manila Ocean Park
len and reg @ manila ocean park
After a disappointing trip to Victory Cubao Station as we planned to go to Subic, we headed to Manila Ocean Park.  It was a blast... less queues and still the same amount of fishes..hahaha!!!  I finally got to buy my ref magnet!!

reg and boy

And we also got to see Imelda Marcos amongst the people who are eating in the restaurants of MOP.  If not for the guards, I could have requested for a pic with her... talk about being jologs.. but then, she's ancient.. I might not get the chance again..

trio at manila ocean park

We also tried a yogurt stall in MOP wherein you get to mix different flavors of yogurt and toppings then they'll get the weight and viola, you're poor again..hahaha!! But it was a nice concept.

Boy Len and Reg hits Intramuros
After Manila Ocean Park, we rode a cab towards the Intramuros.  Our first stop was San Agustin Church.  And the leveling shots starts... ang saya.. Amongst us is Rica Peralejo looking through the museum... this time around, I'm detaching myself from my jologs nature as Rica is just Rica except that she is artista but so what?!?!
len and reg at san agustin churchleveling
Us three at the San Agustin Museum

After San Agustin Museum we decided to hit Intramuros for further photoshoot.  Me and my friends are surely camera addicts.. But that's our way of bonding and making memories together.  So here we are at the Fort Santiago as we visited Rizal and friends when they were in this horrific of a place.
trio agen at fort santiagotrio at fortsantiago

len and reg @ fort santiagocanyon

Meet up with the Family
After Fort Santiago, we went to Glorietta to meet Frae, Rafael and Family.  A sumptuous dinner was shared by all... yum!!

dinner with the solanchos

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beerkada Complete Day 1

Finally, the beerfriends are here in Manila!  Frae is getting married to Rafael and so her Family, Len and Boy are here. Yihee!!!

August 13, 2010.  Solancho-Sampang Nuptials
Frae and Raph
I was not able to attend the wedding due to work (grrr... I'm trying not be a workaholic)... I just met up with Len and Boy to Glorietta and then went to the Sampangs for the post-reception.  Food!!!  Overflowing food!!!  And another good thing was the unlimited songs to sing at the videoke!!!  Hehehe!!

Congratulations to Ate and Rafael... we look forward to see you baby.
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