Sunday, December 12, 2010

Balut 101

When I was in Cagayan de Oro a few weeks ago, I was amazed of how much my cousins and friends were so eager to eat Balut just right after a drink.  So after hitting Macumba, we were in searched for good ol' balut at the Night Cafe.

Balut is one of popular exotic food of Filipinos.  It is a 3-week fertilized chicken or duck egg with an embryo.  At that age, there are already feathers and apendages in the baby chick which makes eating balut a challenge especially for foreigners.

So here is my Balut 101, a guide on how to eat balut.

1) Knock the egg on a hard surface... whether it be a table, a wall or even your head.  As a tip, tap the pointed end of the egg.  Peal off the shell large enough for you to sip the savory liquid.  This is the amniotic fluid.

Balut 101_1
Kuya James, showing confidence in peeling the balut's shell.

2).  Slurp the tasty amniotic fluid.  Slurp with a smile.
Charming Ate Mae, up for the challenge.

3)  Invite your friends to join you... it is always nice to eat with someone and everyone.

Sheena, inviting you for a try.

4) Now, scrutinize the inside.  This would make you think twice in taking in the embryo.  Seeing the head, apendages and feathers, you may want to back out from doing this.  If not for the dare that you're in and the possible embarrassment you will be facing if not finishing up the balut, I know you would probably ran towards home.  But don't fret yet as this embryo is one tasteful treat.

Balut. The Insides.

5) As you muttered your guts, and preparing for the moment of truth, try to put in some salt and vinegar to make it more flavorsome.  This would also buy you time if you're not still decided to take a jump.

Myko, adding some vinegar to his egg.

6) Eat it baby! There is nothing more to do here but to go for it... and you'll find yourself buying another egg!

Sheena, taking the jump.

Bon Appetit!

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  1. interesting blog. . . that's me and my brother on the 5th photo. . . hehehe. . .


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