Monday, November 1, 2010

Todos Los Santos 2010

This year I got to spend time with my family for Todos Los Santos.

Had a day at home with my two younger brothers and mom as Manong, Graze and Saph went to Cadiz (in his costume). Just spent the day watching TV, eating good food and camwhoring.

In the afternoon, we decided to hit Bacolod in search for a good massage.. But everything is closed. Daig pa niya ang Christmas Day!!! Good thing we didn't lose hope...we decided to go to McDonald's in Lacson just to see its newly renovated interiors... we walked from our jeepney stop (Doctor's Hospital) going towards SJI (Kat Kho's alma mater) and then going to 6th St. And we are still lucky seeing Calla Lily open. After inquiring we got out of Calla with a reservation for the whole family for a 9PM massage.

After a treat from yours truly at McDonalds, we all went home to prepare to go to the cemetery.
Like any typically Filipino family, we brought pot luck food and had a picnic by the tombstone of Lola (mom's side) while chit chatting and updating with my cousins, titos and titas. It was like a mini reunion of sorts... It has been years since I got to see all of them... some of which have their own little kids...time really is so fast!!

About 8:30PM, my family pack up and left the Hernia clan to have a soothing and relaxing massage at Calla.. =) just luuuve it!!!

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