Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gayuma ni Maria

First love never dies. 

That was it for me for Gayuma, a small restaurant in Xavierville near Katipunan Avenue. When I was in my first two years in UP, while my subjects are not killing me yet and I still had a life, I used to have dinner dates with my highschool friends studying at Ateneo.  They are the very people who have introduced me to BTS. It was so famous that I have equated BTS to Gayuma.  Frankly, I couldn’t remember any other food served at Gayuma besides BTS.  By the way, BTS stands for Better Than Sex, a chocolate cake so rich and awesome in flavor…. It was love at first taste.  In effect, I fell in love with Gayuma.

And then this little resto got burned down and had to close shop.

Come Together

The office gave Frank a special night, paying tribute to his contributions to Manila Water for the past 10 years. The current and previous Mancom were all present. The two past presidents of Manila Water, Sir Tony Aquino (now Ayala Land's President) and Energy Secretary Rene Almendras,  were Frank's dearest friends.   Likewise the Ayala Brothers, Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala and Fernando Zobel de Ayala have graced the event.

The party, named "Come Together", was themed after the beatles, Frank's favorite band. All the tables are named with the band's album while Frank's picture was edited into the Beatles Band tarpaulin. All the songs were Beatles. The best part: food was delicious and overflowing.

It was an emotional event. Tears fell when the AVP played showing Frank, and vid messages of some people he has worked with. And more tears fell when Frank gave out his speech. I have expected this to happen knowing Frank being one of the most sensitive men I know. He himself broke his momentum when he somewhat choked on the tears he has been refusing to shed.

After the formal program has been done, it became much more fun as people started dancing and photographers are going everywhere to take pictures. The managers, although dressed in their cocktail and semi-formal do was up to putting their hair down.

It surely was a fun night and has made Frank special.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Just before going home, I decided to check out SM North for a cute costume for Saph. Since it is halloween, it would be a good time to dress up the baby with something cute and funny.

It was an ordeal looking for a costume for a 2 month old. And a more difficult one for boys since there are less to choose from unlike for girls where ballerina tutus are just all over the place. From the toys section, they only have for 6 mo old babies and up.

Good thing I found these overalls with hoodie in a cow design. It was perfect!!!

So here is our Cow(boy) Saph, looking pretty good and ready for trick or treating.
Cowboy Saph


This was his overalls when he went to Cadiz to visit Graze's part of the family.. he really was a star!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Todos Los Santos 2010

This year I got to spend time with my family for Todos Los Santos.

Had a day at home with my two younger brothers and mom as Manong, Graze and Saph went to Cadiz (in his costume). Just spent the day watching TV, eating good food and camwhoring.

In the afternoon, we decided to hit Bacolod in search for a good massage.. But everything is closed. Daig pa niya ang Christmas Day!!! Good thing we didn't lose hope...we decided to go to McDonald's in Lacson just to see its newly renovated interiors... we walked from our jeepney stop (Doctor's Hospital) going towards SJI (Kat Kho's alma mater) and then going to 6th St. And we are still lucky seeing Calla Lily open. After inquiring we got out of Calla with a reservation for the whole family for a 9PM massage.

After a treat from yours truly at McDonalds, we all went home to prepare to go to the cemetery.
Like any typically Filipino family, we brought pot luck food and had a picnic by the tombstone of Lola (mom's side) while chit chatting and updating with my cousins, titos and titas. It was like a mini reunion of sorts... It has been years since I got to see all of them... some of which have their own little kids...time really is so fast!!

About 8:30PM, my family pack up and left the Hernia clan to have a soothing and relaxing massage at Calla.. =) just luuuve it!!!
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