Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cheap Deals Drown Me

Filipinos are drowned with seat sales from local and international airlines.  I could not keep up with it.  Cebu Pacific and Air Philippine Express have been competing with seat sales week after week.  While Philippine Airlines have celebrated their 70th year giving more Filipinos a cheaper chance of having a "luxurious" ride.  Airasia.com have been posting their cheap flights from Clark to Malaysia as well.

I shouldn't be complaining.  And I think this is the unusual me as I have been a fan of seat sales and traveling on a tight budget.  I have enjoyed going home with just paying the travel tax as I have grabbed a zero fare of Cebu Pacific in 2008.  I have been going back and forth Manila-Bacolod with just less than a thousand.  I think seat sales are terrific as more Filipinos could go home to their families or more could wander the rest of the Philippines.  It is also an opportunity to discover the rest of the world.  I was thrilled when we (with my girls, Ji, Kat and Icile) booked tickets through Cebu Pacific for Macau and Hongkong.  I think we spend hours facing the Cebu Pacific website with phones on hand discussing the right IT.  And more excitement did my mother and brother felt when we went to Singapore through Cebu Pacific seat sale.

And now while most of my long weekends are booked and seat sales are still overflowing it made me feel depressed that weekends are no longer enough to accommodate such cheap deals.  What is more depressing is when homesickness hits you just when seats available are not the usual cheap fare.  If just for this yearning, I want to go home for good or for vacation.. whatever option is available... and seat sales doesn't help at all.

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  1. Well, even tho they have Cheap deals and ok Planes and all - they have low service - sometimes also pull off money scams... DAMN YOU, CEBU PACIFIC!!! But otherwise they are ok...


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