Monday, January 25, 2010

Perks with Sugartown

I have lived in our Manila home for almost 4 years already.  During my last year in college, when all of my barkada at the dorm graduated, I decided to venture out on my own.  Ellainne and I started to live in the extension area of the house while the rest of it was being rented out.  Then Mel came to Manila for college.  Since the space we are occupying at the back is only good for 2 persons, I requested Ellainne to move out.

We grabbed the opportunity to transfer in the main house and occupy the whole of it when our tenant was ejected by my mother.  We are actually suffering with our expenses (which is divided between the two houses fairly but we are outnumbered in terms of heads and appliances).

After so many troubles, i began to realize how lucky we are at Sugartown.  During Typhoon Ondoy, we felt nothing except the loss of power and water.  No floods threatened our place.  And just today, while I was on my way home, while the rest of Batasan is suffering a black out, we at Sugartown have all our lights on...

So maybe, we are lucky to be may be small, not extravagant, yet we are safe and the utilities are reliable... : )

Friday, January 22, 2010

Expenses Overload

I have tried to save and and limit my expenses.  With the upcoming trips, I have to.... but bills have come flowing endlessly.  I have also tried limiting my wants but I still end up craving.

There are a lot of plays coming up and I still want to enjoy them.  The problem is I don't have the means anymore...  Sacrifice... or not...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Tomorrow I'm coming back to the life that I am trying to escape.  Tomorrow, I am back in crazy old Manila to and try to live.  I'm so tired or maybe, I'm so bored.  I want something new.  I want to find my niche.  Or I just want to come back home.  I just want to get out of my life...

So many plans, I just don't know how to do about it.  But I have to start somewhere.

Don Salvador Benedicto: Summer Haven of Negros Occidental

It has become my requirement that when I go home at my home province, I would set a day for roadtrip with my family.  Bored with the long vacation, I was already urging my mom and my brothers to fulfill my requirement.  My options are Mt. Kanlaon which I never have set foot or just laze in the hot pool of Mambukal.

So Mom decided to check with her bestfriend Tita Nory, who is from Kanlaon, of what areas should we go to with a picturesque view. After a long chat, Mom got off the phone decided that we join Tita Nory and her family to their place at Don Salvador Benedicto.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I haven't gone to work still.  Intentionally, I have gone absent.  I'm still here at the province idling.  And I have not have a slightest urgency to go back.  Not that I don't have any responsibilities there or this is the effect of the holidays.  Or maybe I really don't want to go back.  If only work is available here, I want to stay here and be with my family...

Manila, as I always say, is a tiring mess.  And I want to escape from it.  But I don't have a destination yet.
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