Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Live Each Day One at a Time

For the whole week, I die and live one day at a time.  I come to work and go home like a walking zombie, my heart not feeling, my mind not thinking.  As trips to home and back are my only consolation for idleness. Each day has its equivalent deadline for a presentation, a report, a homework or an exam, I am required to go to hell while going about it and back again to live after it is done and is successful.  A so-so output is not an issue nor an option as work is only good or bad and school is only pass or fail.

Sleepless nights, unenjoyable get-togethers (I do not blame it on company, just blaming it on a lot of things in mind), overtime work unpaid, all adds up to the stress that is named work and school.

Sometimes, I wonder why I'm no longer worrying or getting overwhelmed with the load that I'm carrying.  The old me would be on top of my toes getting worried and overwhelmed with the tons then would kick butts even mine to get things done.  I even prepare for things way way ahead of time.  I'm not pushing myself now.  I just do what I got to do.  And I just make sure that I'm doing the best I can.

Tomorrow is the temporary culmination of the many trips to hell and back.  I look forward to the day that everything is back to normal.  But what is normal now?

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