Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Clutter Face

I came in late for work today. It is not major unusual because everyday I come to work late, about 5-20 minutes late. But what made me so disappointing today is that I have come in an hour more late than usual. And I missed the mass held at the Manila Water lobby because of my tardiness.

So to avoid being seen, I went around and at the back to get to our floor. But so much of the plan of not being seen, Frank and Tom were at Tom's cubicle which is just diagonally opposite mine. So the two guys saw me in at 9:something AM. And while moving my way towards my cubicle, I know to myself how harrassed looking I am. I could just imagine my hair uncombed and rowdy, my uniform needed a run by the iron, I'm in my house slippers, my shoulders are down and I have that guilty and worrying face. I just could imagine what my bosses are seeing, surely a total big mess.

Both of them came to my table and was worried as well, asking my what happened to me. I said I am ok. Because really, I am ok. I am just plain late. But they don't want to hear of me unless I would tell them somekind of a problem, reason for my cluttering self. But the truth is, I was just as late as can ever be so I kept it to myself than telling a 'lie.'

And even in the afternoon, Frank was pestering me asking me what really happened in the morning. How about a chismoso for a boss.  He calls it concerned though.

So tomorrow, I'll avoid the look or just be plain late.

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