Thursday, December 3, 2009

Clean but Addicted

My brother and I are having withdrawal syndrome. It is no ordinary addiction although like any other vice, it involves money. For days we are in distress, craving for it, wanting it badly. Yet we are clean and sober.

For 2 whole weeks, we are suffering from internet withdrawal syndrome. After our internet went zilch because of unknown reason, we became desperate walking loons. Been trying to contact all internet offering companies and looking for options that are available and cheap or just plain practical at that. And until now we are still in queue for a slot for a DSL connection. Although I have a connection at the office, it is very limited. The only sites available are work related sites. No facebook (and Farmville), no plurk, no blogs, no multiply, no friendster, no sites that I have been enjoying for years. And all the more that I am craving for it.

Tomorrow, I will shamelessly borrow from a colleague a Smart Thumbstick internet and test if it is working at our domain. With our area that is mountainous and high, I just hope we could get a good signal.

I have to put an end to my distress. Need to give in to my addictions.

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