Friday, December 11, 2009

Chaos turning into Harmony

For the past few days I have been ranting about death and life in its metaphoric meaning.  Not that I am being suicidal or gory, but my rants are just my daily accounts of my frustrations, angst, even joys for the whole week of which my life has been chaotic.  The demands of my two subjects week after week plus the responsibilities with work has been keeping me up and running for the whole entirety until maybe school ends or I quit work (which is not until I am of age 60 or 65).

Finally, exams are over and my hell week is coming to an end. 

Good thing about this is I'm looking forward to a vacation.  I'm going home for the holidays and will be extending about 4 days more since Frank is coming back late too.  I look forward to seeing my family and my friends.  I am excited about celebrating Christmas and New Year and of course a lot of birthdays: Mom's, my friends', and mine!  I long for the planned roadtrip to Antique and the photoshoot sessions with abyans and sisses. I look forward to reunions although I am planning to miss the family reunion and Silak-Silab's too (which is sadly is during my birthday).  And above all, I look forward to the rest just before I would battle it out again... And 1st day of battle is the day I get back to Manila as I have again exams for my advanced engineering math on the very same day.

I'm still taking it a day at a time but when it comes to holidays, vacations and celebrations, my excitement gets me planning. :)

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