Monday, August 18, 2008

Hinabing Pakpak ng Ating mga Anak

PhotobucketWritten and Directed by Anton Juan, Jr.

Could not explain the haunting creepiness I felt while watching the play. It was I guess the conscience playing top notch.

There was this girl who dreams of going away then each night he is pulled by his mollestng father. A young boy sells sampaguita, disillusioned of the life his father dreamed of them in Manila. Another boy has loosened his nuts due to a lot of disappointments and poverty. A girl exchange sex for some scraps of metal junk and other things to sell to live. A girl, brilliant but poverty-stricken, could not go to school and learn, resorted to killing herself. Two men are in a debate or in a talk as to whether there is still hope for the these children in our country. According to the actors of the play, the two men has many meanings. It may be two writers discussing. It may be a person/writer talking to himself. It may be a writer and his audience. It may even be you and your conscience, in a solemn discussion.

Hinabing Pakpak ng Ating mga Anak of Dulaang UP was quite an opener of the social, cultural and political issues concerning the underpreviledged children in our society: the abused, the street children, the abandoned, the incapable. It is an elegy in tribute to these kids.

Now, what should we do when a kid taps your car window asking for money or food? What will you do when he climbs up a jeepney you're in and "wipe" the dust in the passengers' feet including yours? There are a lot of faces represented by each character in the play, sadly we are not doing anything about. And that includes me.

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