Friday, March 27, 2009

Forgotten Follower

For (almost) the entirety of my life, I have taken the backseat... I am in most case the follower... In a few times, I lead but those were the times that others push me to do it, not myself volunteering to take the chance to head.

I have always enjoyed the ride and just join in with the flow... I never like to give the directions... But I never took my being a follower negatively... as a matter of fact, it teaches me to challenge... I may be the follower but I surely challenged the order before I do them.

SILAB taught me to lead. On top of that it gave me a chance to know myself... My chance at SILAB made me realize how much I hate to fail or should I say, how afraid I am of failure... Failure was never a favorite, and a next time will never come once there is that chance... you fail one and its over... no more second chance... there is always a mark that you stumble... there are always scars to remind you.

And now, Ops has entirely changed my being. It challenged me to take the wheel. It imposed me to be on my toes and head the pack. It gives me the opportunity to lead. This is harder because this is entirely work, and professionalism is at stake here, plus my promotion and all those things...But now I'm no scaredy cat with leading... because there is no room for that... and I have faith, in God, in my self, and of course the people who are there willing to give me a hand...

...failure or not, I have to lead.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Future Mechanical Engineer

Congratulations to my bro!

(Future) Engr. Rolan Tribaco, M.E.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I'm home once more...

Two of my brothers are graduating this year (Rolan's is today and Rex's is next Tuesday), and that of course is my excuse for eluding Manila for the weekend, pack my bags and go home.

I came home to a party at the compound... Yesterday was Lola Mating's birthday, so the family had dinner with just a few guests to remember Lola Mating. Surprisingly, amidst the issues here, I enjoyed the night..

Early today, we attended the Baccalaureate Mass of Rolan which was so early at 6AM... Grrr!!! But then, it would only be once in a lifetime that I could get to experience attending these... after all I miss all of this when I was in Manila for school.

Then we proceed to Riverside for a doctor's appointment. I'm counting days to see effects... hehehe!

Now I'm preparing for the grad ceremonies and for the congratulatory dinner... so fun!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Baptism by Fire

Today is my first official day at Ops. And what a way to start work at Ops!!! Today is the KRA presentation of Ops. So I spent the whole day preparing, editing and compiling the presentations of Section Managers. And by 12 NN we all faced the directors of Manila Water and only got out by 4:30PM.

Baptism by fire, huh? And on Wednesday I am due of another presentation... but I'm not complaining really...I am actually happy... felt relieved that I'm out of the BA much early... and I am sure glad that the call center flooding is way over... =)

I'm all smiles... amidst a long and tiring day... =)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Goodbyes Said

I have always believed that saying goodbyes is very hard... especially for the one who is leaving.

Yesterday was my last day in Taguig. Amidst that, I never got to sit down and rest. I even missed lunch. The whole office was in chaos because we spent the whole day preparing for a Billed Volume Challenging. While we were doing the presentation, our boss was adding in the pressure. =(

By four in the afternoon we were eager to get out, not to go home yet, but to do as much pending job as we could, without our boss biting our necks off. Sir Lawrence, Jovert, Chris and I loaded the Get and off we go to our areas.

We went to our Kasanggas to invite them for the pub con. When we reached the AFPOVAI Office, it was past five. Amidst that, we pursued. Good thing they are still inside. Almost all of my friends in AFPOVAI were there, both General Manager Mamerto Ureta, President Arthur Garrido, Ma'am Sheila, Ma'am Jenna, and Stephen. And I said my goodbye which of course, Sir Garrido took badly. He had the same sentiments when Sir Sundy left. But I know that he understood that the transfer was for my good.

It was hard...Tears almost welled up my eyes. When I finally shook hands with Sir Garrido, to thank him, I almost choked my tears just to not feel them. And he said, "You will always be welcome here at AFPOVAI." I told him that I would be visiting when I get the chance to go to Taguig for whatever reason.... and I don't know if I would be doing that.

When I went back to the service, I was quiet. I knew to myself that these are some things I would be missing when I would be transferring to the Ops. But it is time to move. It is time to embrace an opportunity.

I may have said goodbyes but my Kasanggas will always be my friends. =)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Pagpupugay kay FM

The news was as fast as fire. Through a text message to one of my officemate, suddenly the whole ground floor of the main office caught the fire. Francis M. is dead. And it was all over the internet.

Kiko was diagnosed with leukemia, AML to be specific (but I don't know what's the meaning of it), 7 months ago. That shook us since the guy is really very young .

I am an avid fan of the man and his works.. I've read his blogs even before he got sick. I've seen his photos and wished I could have the eye for creativity as his. I've sang his songs (the popular ones). I wish to buy a shirt or a merchandie from FMCC. I hope I could do that soon.

And even during his battle with cancer, I have read through his updates of how he and his family copes with his sickness and how, little by little, he has won over it. As each post shows how he has entrusted his life to the Lord and how he surrendered his health to the hands of the Almighty, I was also in prayer that the guy will surpass the trials he faces.

But the man has bowed down to cancer. Though defeated, Francis M. is triumphant for he has showed many how to hope and trust in the Supreme Being. He has awed everyone by his love of the country and how he has eagerly showed his hope for the children to better things for the future. Francis M. may have gone but his works will surely remain in the hearts of many...


Kiko is awesome and that I will always remember him.

My Summer Has Started

The sun is finally up and shining. It's heat is really hard on the skin. But that is just a good sign that summer has finally started.

La Mesa Dam and Ecopark with Tita Nory and Mel
My summer started a month ago when Tita Nory went to Manila and stayed with us. We brought her to UP because his son is interested of going to school in College of Music. Finally I was able to have my pictures with Oble in a tourista way. Hehehe!!! Though we were in civilian clothes during our undergrad years, I never attempted to have my pictures taken. I was afraid of the curse of not graduating from UP.

We took off to La Mesa Dam and Eco Park and once again had a nature-filled experience. It wasn't my first to hit the eco-park but it was for Tita Nory and Mel.

Afterwhich, we went to SM Fairview to watch Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

16th SFC ICON in Cebu
It is my first major event attended as a SFC member. It was a 3-day event of praises, thanks-giving, and worship for the great God Almighty. I was at awed to hear empowering stories of journey with the Lord as a member of the commuity.
It was an opportunity to discover Cebu with newly found friends. =)
with magellanHHala bira

I surely had a lot of fun with the Lord and my friends. See you guys in Davao!

The Tribaco's Hits Baguio

The following weekend, my cousins from the province, Nang Bambi and Cyhna went to Manila. Mel and I plus Cyhrone met up at the Victory Liner. By 8PM of Feb 27, 2009, we (except Cyhrone) loaded the bus to Baguio.

It was the weekend of Flower Float Parade for the Penagbenga we trudged the streets of Session Road and found ourselves in the crowd with the rest of the Penagbenga viewers and participants...

But we weren't for Penagbenga alone.... the four of us were all geared to discover most if not everthing of Baguio.

Botanical Garden

Strawberry Farm, Benguet

Reaching Great Heights in Tagaytay.
Mama was here for a business trip for three days. So the weekend she arrived we went to Tagaytay to buy mushrooms spawn. We weren't successful though but we brought home great pictures and memories.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Gearing Towards a Chem Engg Career

Once again, I'm writing less and less... Work calls so much demand...I'm struggling out of Taguig and struggling in at Ops. Yep you read it right. It's Ops... I'm so in!!!

Lost??? Yeah.. I haven't been updating at all... I intended to keep all this afraid that someday I would not be writing good news... But since it is official I'm writing the story in this episode of my life and my carreer.

Last January, one Friday afternoon, I received a text message from Ms. Camela (of HR), saying that she needs to talk to me on Monday. That gave me shivers... because what came in mind was the Cubao trade. Cubao has been requesting Taguig for a trade in Territory Manager. So instead of sending a reply right away, I waited for the weekend, went home to the province and was given some pieces of advice by my parents. If it is really Cubao, I would have come home saying yes to the trade.

But I went to the main office and brought home the news that I was short-listed for an interview with Frank for the TA position. Mai, his previous TA is moving on for wastewater department leaving the position vacant. We were given a day to think over the proposition and we were told to text Ms. Sharon of our intention. We were requested to keep the news to ourselves since there are four of us selected for interview but there is only one position to be filled. They don't the BA's to go overboard and worry on the movement.

The interview with Frank was scheduled Wednesday. I texted Sharon Tuesday, just to not get overexcited of the opportunity. But while she presented the position, I was sure to myself that this opportunity is a gold mine as it would open doors of other opportunities for me.

So I set foot the doors of Frank for my interview, Wednesday, and gave out my best shot. And that was it...

After more than a month, news came that I got the position. The Taguig BA was in total chaos. Both Ma'am Ron and Sir Mar were negative about it. And they were talking me out of it... But then, I was praying doubly hard as before that I could push through with the transfer. Not until two fridays ago when the official announcement was made and the Taguig has to let go of me.

Monday, there was a meeting to deliberate on who would take over the area. It was a long meeting... yet, finally, they acted on my transfer.

So for the whole week I have been reporting every other day to Taguig and Ops to know the ropes of my new department and turn-over things to Chris, the one who will take my responsibilities in Taguig. The thing that is hell is the change in focus everyday. Ops is entirely different from the BA and that sucks... it is as if I'm wandering with no direction... and I need to brush up on my Chem Engg stuff. It has been awhile since I get to encounter terms and process that was hard core Chem Engg.

I'm quite happy and afraid. Happy that finally God has answered my prayers. Happy that finally this is the Chem Engg work that I have been craving for. But at the same time, my low-confidence kicks in terribly strong. I have been doubting myself once again if I am really fit for the job. Yet as I am feeling all this, I am challenged to do the job to the best that I could give. I am up to the challenge of meeitng their standards. After all this is only for a year as I would be embarking for another venture a year from now... in Manila Water or out, only time could tell.

Thanks again Lord!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Maximum Bliss

Bliss... that has been my state right now... Not that everything in my life is in order nor am I financially free. But that is how I feel regarding life, it is as if I have been sailing in Cloud 9. There will always be chaos, that is the law of nature. But the total and complete surrender to Him gives me that blissful feeling, that sugar high, that reason to smile.

I still have doubts but He took care of them. I still have my worries but He gives me security. I still feel pain and hurt but in due time, I am healed.

Thank you Lord!
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