Monday, January 12, 2009

Rigodon for the nth time

This is purely work stuff...

Early today, I arrived at the BA with no BALT (BA Leadership Team) around. There were less of the service vehicle as well. My hunch that they are at the main office was confirmed by the guard. I proceeded to work at the conference room and was later disturbed by the news that Boss Bob is transferring and would not be our ABM anymore. And there was the call Joan received from whoever that was at the other line, confirming the news.

The news spread so fast and has reached each and every employee of Taguig office way before the the BALT have arrive and give the news themselves since they got the news firsthand. So when they arrived, we just kept quiet regarding the news pretending we don't know and waited for the official confirmation which they didn't fail to give us.

Sir Bob is transferring to Laguna and will take charge of the local water district there. For the time being, Ma'am Ron,which is our Revenue Manager, will continue to be an OIC for the Taguig BA. Frankly I'm relieved since Boss Bob was really such a strict Boss and has a very hard standards with regards to meeting our targets. But the man is really really good, both technically and related to the business. But the man has to go if the man has to go. Some celebrated because of relief... some I guess are clamoring of what's the future of Taguig. As for me, I'm neutral for whatever is directive of the top Management.

On a different note, but i guess still related to the cross-posting... I am quite facinated that amidst the recession we are experiencing globally, Manila water is expanding its business. When Manila Water took over together with Maynilad, Manila Water covered the east part of the MWSS serviced area (Makati, Taguig, Pateros, Mandaluyong, Marikina, Pasig, some parts of QC, etc.). Now, the province of Rizal is serviced by the company. The local water district in a city in India is currently managed by a team of experts from Manila Water. Last year, we have sent engineers in Vietnam to manage the pipe system of Ho Chi Min City. The waste water problem of Boracay is currently handled by a team of engineers dispatched in the islands. Teams are being formed to house the office in Bulacan as we are taking over the management of the water district of the province. And now, Sir Bob is leading a team in Laguna to give potable water in the area, with quality service, 24/7.

No wonder, each year Manila Water is hiring 25-30 professionals to join the company. And now, HR is hiring 2 batches of cadets to fill the business need. =)

I just hope someday, I am enroute to Ilo-ilo or maybe in Bacolod as Manila Water will take over the local water district in the province. At least I will no longer be away from my family and I won't spend a large amount for air fare just to go home... I'm crossing my fingers. And maybe that's where I would find reasons to stay... =)

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