Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Confirmed Hell Week!

Oh yeah! Now I could confirm this week is hell...

I was so late going to the office today. I was up until 2AM watching the coverage for US Presdident Barack Obama's oath taking. So I rushed my bath and forgo breakfast... I reached the office 45 min 8AM!!!!

And there were incoming call centers of no water in the area. So I told Sir Lawrence to come with me to find out why my area is experiencing no water. Good thing before leaving the office, I approached our SWAT team, Kuya Mana to come with us to do some valving...Which I found out, that he lessened the opening of the valves at Lawton by 15 turns (yikes!) to build up the pressure at the portion before the valve (for the McKinley account) as ordered by Sir Mar. So the area getting water at the Lawton line suffered which is AFPOVAI and Pasong Tamo Ext.

So we called up Boss Mar and told him the status of the area... we then proceeded to monitor the pressure and went to the throttled valve to increase its opening to give water to the affected area...After the incident we went back to the BA for monitoring... I had the SWAT team move in the area for further monitoring of the pressure and eventually Sir Ed returned the settings of the valve to its initial status to return the water and high pressure in the area.

When Boss Mar came,he looked for Kuya Rene's reading of the Bonifacio Naval Station(BNS) account, which I didn't take from Kuya Rene because I was not thinking that it is so urgent and important, more than what is happening in my area. So Sir Mar got so angry because we didn't take the readings and he needs it to compute the consumption of the camp. Bad thing was, Kuya Rene's phone was empty and Tita Tess who was with him can't be contacted too...all the more that Boss Mar got angry...he also got angry at Sir Lawrence and Jovert because they went to do collection leaving our targets pending...

Frustrated with his subordinates, He went to BNS to get the readings himself... :P

Returning to the BA, the Getz he was riding was at stop speed. According to some of my officemates, they were almost hit by our raging Boss...I've seen how the getz was driven inside, amidst the turn, he got it in in 5 sec.

He went directly inside the conference room. By that time, I have Kuya Rene's reading and the my weekly monitoring at hand. I told Kuya Rene to just go with the pressure monitoring team I sent to AFPOVAI and wait til Sir Mar's temper to cool down. Sir Lawrence and I were debating who will go to him and start the discussion of BNS. Since it was my area, it was best that I go to him and be at his mercy.

I approached him and gave him the readings, and hurriedly did some calculations. Afterwhich, he told me, in a neutral (not ok but not angry) voice that I'll include the calculations in my presentations for the challenging later which I did right after.

Lunchtime came and the whole Fort Boni (Sir Mar, Boss Lawrence, Caster, Sir Taggie, Jovert, me and Kuya Rene (!)) plus Ma'am Odette, loaded two service vehicles and went to Chowking at C5. I don't know how Sir Mar was ok with Kuya Rene all of a sudden. But I think it was because before going to lunch, it was C5's turn for challenging. And he gave C5 Business Zone a hard time with their targets to the point that "he made a fool out of them", as he says, which he really enjoys doing. =(

Lunch was like bonding for the team... which we seldom do... times like those, I remember my cadetship... time which has passed and will be in memory...

We came back to the BA to present our targets... which after some debate and justifications, were approved. Sir Mark, the BZM of C5 got back at us and pushed us to increase our targets...It was already 6PM or maybe 6:30PM until the debate, of which Business Zone has to increase their targets, is done. I think my energy was all drained justifying such small growth in the area...just to not have my targets increased.

I got out of the BA planning of watching a play... just to vent out such stress. But thinking of my unwashed undies piled up, I thought of going home instead. =P

It was surely a hell week.. I don't know what will happen tomorrow..

Just before going home, McKinley once again experienced no water in their area. Sir Mar ordered to throttle, once again, the valve at Lawton, decreasing its opening with 10 turns... which of course had me panicking... I don't want to have numerous low pressure and no water complaints!!! So I texted Sir Mar that we'll only decrease it with 5 turns. I hurriedly went to Sir Elmer who is at the pumping station... after discussions regarding McKinley, he ordered me to do some pressure monitoring in the morning, 6AM, which is at peak demand. I bidded to have it done at maybe 8 AM (which is the start of work). And he told me which really took me off guard, "Yan kasi ang problema sa inyo, hindi kayo nagbibigay ng kaunting sakripisyo... Pwede mo naman i-off-set un... pumasok ka ng 6AM para mag-monitoring at umuwi ka ng 2PM kung gusto niyo... Bigyan niyo naman ng oras ang area niyo." I just kept quiet and kept my cool (as usual).... but deep inside, i felt like bursting...

Is it not sacrifice that we extend our working hours everyday to 10 hours to meet the demands of work? Can't you call coming in on Saturdays or even on Sundays without collecting OT pay because it is "responsibility", sacrifice? Or beter yet, losing sleep and still at the BA because of a breakage or doing presentations for the management and still get nothing because they say it is part of work.... hays!!! Maybe they just don't know the meaning of sacrifice.... =((

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