Sunday, September 14, 2008

Twenty Questions

"shoot me!"

Twenty questions, in total...or 10 questions each... a guy and a girl alternately asking the other. That's the theme of the play Tina and I got to watch at the University of Makati last Wednesday. The play was written by Juan Ekis and has won a Palanca Award. Yumi and Jigs are the new victim of a barkada tradition: a guy and a girl will be locked in a room for 24 hours. It was actually Yumi who invented the game to hook up two of her friends... never did she know that in the future she will be one of the victims of the tradition. And the game has never failed to end up its victims in liking each other to the point of going through marriage.

twenty questions

To kill their 24-hour long wait, Jigs suggested to play Twenty Questions. The rule of the game: 10 questions will be asked alternately and honest answers should be given out. No questions should be left unanswered. These 10 questions is an ultimate way to get to know the person even beter.

As each question is asked, secrets were revealed... until little by little, one by one, the couple got to know about each other, their beliefs, their experiences... until the very last questions, Yumi showed her vulnerability while Jigs showed his idealism towards love, relationship, sex and marriage. Two contradicting and opposite personalities, ended up in one room, and maybe end up with each other on the 20th question.

The play was good. There were lapses in the play but was only revealed through the Q.A. right after the play.  What was bad was that, the crowd we were in were mostly composed of students. They thought they were in a cinema and it is ok to howl or even bluntly say their comments. Some were even inconsiderate to not turn off their celfones, the least have it in silent mode. Others had flash photography... they were all so irritating that you would be frustrated that you could not get your money's worth because of such lousy crowd. If only you could screen the voices and the noise out and detach yourself from them and focus on the play and the actors, it would have been a fabulous theater experience.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

UP reigns sUPreme

A two-peat for the UP Pep Squad. I have not seen the live performance of this.. not even in TV... there were plans among cadets at the office but I guess we forgot all about it because we were so thrilled of our Boss Bob's birthday party... but amidst that, I'm at awe at how they performed... good thing there is

Congratulations to the benchmark of cheerdancing: UP PEP SQUAD

The stunts, pyramids and the lifts are not clean but I guess the creativity and uniqueness of UP's performance sets it from the rest. Every year there is always something or even a lot of new things infused int their routine... Even with just the costumes and hairstyles (Notice the mohawk hairstyle of the guys in the squad and the uniform short hair of the girls), they go beyond the norm...
Iba ang may WOW effect.
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