Sunday, February 17, 2008

Orosman at Zafira

Orozman at ZafiraLast Wednesday, Kat and I, squeezed into our busy schedules watching Orosman at Zafira in Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero. The play is Dulaang UP's entry to UP Centennial Celebration of Komedyafiesta.

Orosman at Zafira is written by Francisco Baltazar and portrays the three kingdoms bound by power, death, deceit, revenge, love and war. It is a Komedya with a story of love in a setting where there is conflict between of pashas, all are after the power.

After the assasination of Mahamud, sultan of Marruecos, war began as kingdoms came after the position. On the otherhand, Zafira, Mahamud's daughter plans to take back on her father's murderer, Boulasem, the grand pasha of Tendst and the newly self proclaimed sultan of Marruecos. She joins forces with Zelim, the pasha of Duquela, who, also pursue the throne. Though two kingdoms has come together, they have lost to the army of Boulasem led by his sons, Abdalap and Orosman. Zafira was captured but both Abdalap and Orosman fall for Zafira and wishes to free the princess. At that time, Zafira secretly falls in love with Orosman without knowing his identity. But Abdalap also thirst for power and successfully plots a plan to dethrone his father through death. Zafira is torn between revenge for her father or her love for Orosman' the son of his father's murderer. On the otherhand, her beloved Orosman is stuck between the love for Zafira, their kingdom's enemy or the throne his father has fought for.

The play is superb although there are a few lapses. It was so tiring to watch it, not because it is boring, but movements of the dancers for each kingdom is really exhausting. I have a hard time understanding the lines since they are in old Tagalog and very poetic. But all in all, it was all good.
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