Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Skin Deep

skindeepIf you have the opportunity to change your self physically, would you grab it?  If you would have someone else's face or somebody's frame, what would you exchange to take it? Would you let Belo or Calayan put a knife in your skin? If you'll be offered a face-lift, a lyposuction, a tummy-tuck, a nip here and there, would you endure the pain for the sake of beauty?

I was able to watch Skin-Deep, PETA's February offering. The play is written by Vincent de Jesus and tackles on artificial beauty. Dr. Beau, a world known cosmetic surgeon opened a one-stop beauty haven where 7 lucky text winners will be able to stay and have the procedures (to improve themselves) they want, all for FREE. And the lucky ones: an extremely obese call center agent, a married couple who have a rocky relationship, a probinsyano who aspires to be a model, a gay florist who wants to look young so as to be valuable in the market, a battered wife who was burned to unrecognition by her husband, and the reigning Ms. Artificial Beauty who has undergone to more or less 50 procedures.

In the course of the play, each character were swans in themeselves but upon the transition, they were not able to find the happiness they were looking for. The play reflects us who are in a continuous plight to be accepted in a world who only accepts superficiality. It cuts deep the truth that we change and opt to be beautiful not for ourselves but for others. We opt to be beautiful to be embraced.

There are a lot of times that I wished I am this and that. During my puberty years, I longed to have lighter skin or a few more inches in height. I longed to have very straight black hair (the reason why my hair has gone from hot oil, hair spa, relax, "rebond" etc.) or very straight and shining white teeth. I dreamed of a clear skin, with non-visible pores. I have gone through a lot of diets hoping to achieve and or maintain my ideal weight. I wish for perfection.

But now, though I'm still a mess, I have accepted and learned to love myself. I love my morena looks. I confess, I still use skin products to protect my skin especially now I'm doing field work.I have accepted that I have to rely on heels as I won't grow, even just a few centimeters. I still go to the salon to get my hair fixed but I haven't gone through another procedure with my hair (as of.. hehehe!). I'm still a fan of beauty but there is a difference between vain and just being beautiful...

...although sadly there is only a thin line separating it.

I so love the play... there is a lot of humor and ridicule in the play but you have to open your ears as the audience may have side comments and you will be left to not hearing the funny lines. The simple set is also very effective. This is my first Peta play and definitely I'll be watching more of it.

Two thumbs up!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Romance in D

Call me theater addict. Call me a play-fanactic. I just don't care. I just love watching plays.

And so once again, I and a good friend, Tina, trudged Greenbelt 1 where the play Romance in D is held.

romance in D

Romance in D is a romantic comedy encircling 4 people. It started with Isabel Fox's (played by Ana Abad Santos-Bitong) suicidal attempt and was saved by Charles Norton (played by Audie Gemora), who lives at the next door apartment. Isabel, a writer and a poet, after her husband left her for a 20+ year old was left depressed and suicidal. Charles Norton, a musicologist, who tries to live a recluse life after the past unsuccessful relationships he had. While Isabel is overcoming depression and Charles continues as a recluse, they were watched over by their parents. Isabel is always visited by her charming dad, George Fox (played by Chinggoy Alonso) while Charlie is always visited and cooked by her mom, Helen Norton (played by Pinky Marquez) and after hearing about the suicidal attempt both parent pushed their son/daughter to connect with the other.

But fate was good to them, as well as their parents. As each day Isabel goes to Charlie's place sharing dinner, good music and poetry, romance blossomed. And while the parents do their duties checking how their kids are doing, they too were connected and romance I guess is not yet over for the two oldies.

Love again has its way of hitting people. That is how I got it from the play. And regardless of age, it just knocks at your door... And sometimes risks just has to be made to experience it. And some laughter too!!! :)

Island Getaway to Capones and Anawangin

Last week, I with some friends, were enroute to Zambales to discover the islands of Capones and Anawangin. A break from my routine life at work, I guess I need to hit the beach and getaway from all the rowdiness of the life in Manila. I guess I really need the break...

So we (Chris, Donna, Kat and I) were at Philcoa at around 3 am and we proceeded to the Victory Liner to meet Yuuji and Bembem in Caloocan to catch the 4:15 AM trip. But we never anticipated the great number of people who would compete with us to getting to Zambales, we loaded the 5:15 AM trip.

After 3-4 stop-overs, we arrived at San Antonio, Zambales by 9am. Hunger enveloped us so we looked for the market where we would get breakfast and do some shopping of our food for lunch, dinner and breakfast since when we cross for Anawangin islands, its no turning back... we would leave all the comforts we used to have. We will face darkness (no electricity), isolation(no cell phone signal), and great adventure. As Jackie Madrigal would put it, "It's so bucolic"

We had tents for our roofs, and we cooked our own food. We have two deepwells to get unsalted water from and we need to fetch water to clean ourselves and our stuff. But I guess that we have to endure to explore a great beach with a forest of pine trees. We spent the afternoon trekking and then we hit the beach after that. Dinner time came, we had fried tilapia and kilawin, which was my first time. Stargazing followed with all the jokes we have brought. I saw two falling stars that night.

Second day, we headed to Capones Islands and had the lighthouse as our goal. To reach it, we have to climb mountains, and traverse through slippery big oceanic rocks. But amidst that it was so fun and a very unfamiliar experience. The tiring climb would have stopped us but a picturesque view along the way were so encouraging. And when we finally reached the old lighthouse on top of Capones, the view was worth the climb.
beauty with the sunsetSummer is finally here, and this time, it won't be put to waste. There are a lot of things to do and I won't let it pass me.

Aside from de-stressing myself, it was also an opportunity to be a camwhore. :))
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