Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Single Ladies

So fun seeing Justin making a fool of himself.... whaaha!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Of Wings and Small Things

To continue off my adventure in my home province, we decided to check out the new rave in Cadiz City, Balay Alibangbang, or Butterfly House. My cousin hse been telling me about Balay Alibangbang even before I was still in Manila. So out of curiousity or not having anything to do, my family loaded the car and head up north to Cadiz

Our first stop going there was Balaring at Silay City. It has been a usual stop for lunch when we head up north.  It was an iodine loaded feast as fresh oysters and assorted fish are brought in to our table.

It was quite a tough ride going to Balay Alibangbang as some parts of the roads going to the northern part of Negros Occidental is still under construction.  Yet, the nice scenery of vast sugarcane fields enveloping you at both sides would be your consolation.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Ruins of Talisay City

I am from Talisay City. But though a native of a once small town, I never got to set foot at The Ruins until I came home for the Christmas Holidays
The Ruins

The Ruins is once a mansion of the late Don Mariano Lacson, built after the death of his wife Doña Maria Braga. It is in this grand mansion that Don Mariano continued to live together with his unmarried children.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Missing in Action

I have always been eager to attend parties, small get togethers, meet-ups of friends etc. This holiday season, reunion have been non-stop... our batch's reunion is tonight... the SILAK-SILAB reunion in Il0ilo is also today, and so is my birthday (damn!) and yet I am at home just becuase I hate going out in the heavy rains...It has been pouring non-stop and I desperately hate it. It feels like a typhoon has hit at our place.

What a way to spend my birthday... didn't eved do something special. =(

I'm Adding 1 Again

And so I should have asked for a good weather on my birthday... but I didn't and now big clouds and non-stop rains greeted me this morning when I woke up. It seems like a storm came to visit me on my special day.

I could vividly remember when I was small and on the same date a long time ago, a storm hit Negros that we have to cancel my birthday party. Electricity was out that night too. The only visitors who came amidst the typhoon were my 2 set of god parents who lives just a few blocks away from us. I can't recall disappointment though... =)

Now there's no birthday party to be cancelled. But I planned to go out on a date with myself to have a good escape at Mambucal. So much for a well thought and well planned activity, I have to forgo due to the not-so good weather.

Now I'm stuck at the house with family members who seem to forgot it was my day. Well the day hasn't gone by yet, they have all the time to make up for it.. wahaha!!! But really it is ok... I seem to make a no big a deal everytime I add 1 to my age.

Basta happy lang... =)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Thank you for a great 2008... hope to have a blast next year with all of you!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Exag!!! I just checked how much the fare would be for Cebu Pacific for a flight on Monday (my scheduled flight) and it is P6076.48 one way!!! Super!!!!

Daig ng maaga ang masinop! At Maaga ako!

And I would just like to note, Cebu Pacific is way expensive than Philippine Airlines!!! For a flight going to Davao on the 23rd, the price difference is 2ooo! While going to Bacolod, it has a variance of almost 1k. I thought all the while that Cebu Pacific is way cheaper than PAL... hays!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Today, I ended up work with bringing home 12.5M worth of cheques. Unfortunately, these checques are not named for me but for the company....if only we could encash the said amount, or deposit to our own accounts, I would just run away and disappear... never to be seen by Manila Water again.. I know... this is evil... hehehe!!! Just purely wishful thinking.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

EK High

I didn't regret going. Thanks to Chase for organizing this gimick for the TPat Cadets we were able to release all the tension and forget about the demands and problems we have with work. It is unlikely of Chase really... since he doesn't really go out and attend to whatever activity we have at the office... he misses Christmas parties and Summer outings so I was up to joining the group as this may never happen again... it was after all Chase. wahaha!!

We met up at Market! Market! at 1PM... despite being almost late, I still pursued dropping by Mercury to get a tablet of Bonamine to control dizziness which I always have when riding attractions at theme parks. When I met up with the group I was greeted with the question of whether I packed with me some extra clothes... which I don't have... So Chase, in his true nature, bombard me with how silly I was for not bringing anything inspite knowing that we would get wet with the rides... so much for the encouragement to buy new clothes... hmmm but then, I'm sure glad that this is still Chase that I know... wahahah!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

EK High

I didn't regret going. Thanks to Chase for organizing this gimick for the TPat Cadets we were able to release all the tension and forget about the demands and problems we have with work. It is unlikely of Chase really... since he doesn't really go out and attend to whatever activity we have at the office... he misses Christmas parties and Summer outings so I was up to joining the group as this may never happen again... it was after all Chase. wahaha!!

We met up at Market! Market! at 1PM... despite being almost late, I still pursued dropping by Mercury to get a tablet of Bonamine to control dizziness which I always have when riding attractions at theme parks. When I met up with the group I was greeted with the question of whether I packed with me some extra clothes... which I don't have... So Chase, in his true nature, bombard me with how silly I was for not bringing anything inspite knowing that we would get wet with the rides... so much for the encouragement to buy new clothes... hmmm but then, I'm sure glad that this is still Chase that I know... wahahah!!!

So after going through the mall for the last minute shopping, we loaded three cars (Carlo, Chase and Ferdi, na ngayon ko lang nakilala kasi wala na siya sa Manila Water bago pa dumating ang batch 15) and raced our way to Enchanted Kingdom. We dropped by SLEX to meet up with the other group and we finally set foot at the front of EK by 2:30PM. Out came the money for the tickets... and Mr Organizer, Chase, took incharge of going in queue and buying the tickets and calling other cadets of where they are... so responsible!!! Wahahah!!!

When we entered the place we were so eager to get a group picture and then proceed in groups to wherever ride that is enjoyable and of course challenging... we have to be divided since 3 of our co-cadets have their kids (ages 4-6yrs old) with them. The kids have only limited rides.

It was a blast. Got the feel of the heights at the Flying Fiesta. Then we were in line to see the role-play video at Realto while eating 3 flavors of cotton candy. Dodgem (bump cars) was great for individual game of racing and just bumping our rides with one another. It was actually my first to take the wheel at a bump car when usually I'm just a passenger. And then everyone was up to the challenging and the most dreadful Space Shuttle!!! Yikes!!! If not being with them, I might chicken out. I've tried the shuttle and after going through it I wasn't able to enjoy EK because I was not feeling well. So I guess, my Bonamine will do its part here. What was so bad was that I went with the guys, Ferdi being my partner. We were with Lawrence and John who were very eager to ride at the backmost of the Shuttle. And surely it was a thrill and I can't quite fathom until now how I endured such a ride... it was a minute of hell afterwhich I don't have anymore energy to stand let alone pull my seat lock so I can move out of my seat. Wahaha!!! I was a little dizzy while walking but after a while, the ground was steady and I was up to the next ride.

I don't know but everyone seemed to find their way to the Rio Grande Rapids... we don't have cellphone with us but we have converge at the vicinity of the wet and wild ride and then were in line to get our chance of the experience. We divided the group into 2, with seven members each at one rapids boat. It was such a bliss actually...we were with Sophie, Chase's daughter who had a bit of a laugh because of a dose of the much awaited shower... bad thing was getting all wet from 3/4 of your body down. And worse getting 4 of the members wet, among them is you!!!! So I was actually freeing cold when I was out of rapids... After the rapids we grabbed something to eat just to fill our hungry stomachs. Our next attraction is SRRX(Shake Rattle and Roll X), a haunted house worth 50Php... It was actually funny because we are all afraid or just pretending to have the guts to be in that house.... Entering, we were all holding each other promising we will not let go whatever happens inside... Leading the pack was Jalil, then Tina followed with Ferdi and I next. Then Chris and Rolly was next to me, then Bles and Cons. Carlo and Di who we thought are following us didn't enter SRRX. I guess Di chickened out since she doesn't really fancy horror houses.

Since we are still wet and it was so cold, we headed to Jungle Log Jam... and it was such a hell too!!! It was my first so I didn't know what to expect. Going up is such a crazy agony.... I bet I have called on to God or to my mother to pull me out of that log ride and save me. And while doing that, Ferdi was laughing at me!!!! I think hedious spells Jungle Log... Shuttle is way better, I think since you are locked at your seat at Shuttle, with Jungle Log, you'll be clinging to the log to save yourself!

After eating and watching the fireworks display, we decided to enjoy one last final ride and join those leaving at closing time...where else is the culminating ride but the grand and stunning Wheel of Fate. Funny thing is... after lining up for almost 20 or so minutes, i had the urge to pee. Remember I have wet pants from the Rapids and the Log jam and cold air is enveloping us that night, on top of the fact that I gulped a large iced tea during dinner. What else would by body do??? So we were almost there, but the urge is as strong as my want to be in that ride. So I let go of the idea, but before leaving, I have my pic taken in one of the cart and then rushed towards the exit to find my way to the nearest CR. Hehehe!!!

It was closing time when we went out. Some of our officemates went ahead. What was amazing was that Chase really waited for us. So responsible!!! Wahahah!!! I think it has been 30 minutes or since we received his text that they'll be at his car at he parking lot. We were lining up for Wheel of Fate then...sinulit talaga namin!!!! We didn't change clothes anymore since we are half dried. We hitched a ride with Ferdi and then raced our way back to Taguig. I went with Ferdi to Cubao so that I could easily ride a jeep home. The guy's a non-stop talker... wahahah!!! Nakakaaliw! Ubos antok!

This EK trip was a total blast. It was tiring, cold but very enjoyable. Sa uulitin!!!! Sana makapag-Anchor's Away!


Hep Hep Hooray for the Taguig BA

So far, last week was the most hectic at the office. Everyone seems to be running to and fro to get things done and on top of the chaos, we celebrated our Christmas Party to strengthen camaraderie among the employees and contractors of TPat. Along with that it is our time to be thankful for the wonderful year that we have worked for.

Last December 9, we had a Christmas Party with my colleagues at TPat BA. It was actually a not so planned party as our target schedule for the party is on the 11th... but the management have other commitments for that night that they have to move our party so that they could attend to both. Since there was a memo from the main office that there would be no liquour in the office premises, we brought the celebration at Napindan in West Rembo, Makati.

Just like last year, TPat was divided by team color according to what business one we are part of. This year, we are assigned blue (that's the best color of Manila Water in terms of performance). Business operation is still ongoing despite the Christmas party in the afternoon. After coming back from fieldwork, I found my team worried since we are to perform a cheer for the party and still we haven't cooked anything yet. All the other teams were already practicing theirs.

Good thing most of our team members were there, from TMs, meter readers, field assistants, collection support, etc., to put in all our best and wackiest efforts to come up with the cheer. We then transferred to Napindan as we are the last team to leave the office due to the on the last minute brainstorming. As soon as we arrived, we hurriedly took our positions at the back to secretly practice our cheer while we add the fitting choreo. Come the cheering competition, we brought home the first prize!!!

The party proceeded to eating the catered dinner. While the hosts tried their best to keep the program lively. It was actually disastrous since there was no program so they didn't know what to do the next....Hays!!! Good thing Sir Darwin grabbed the mic and started the games with Hep Hep Hooray which started all the fun!!! More games followed which spiced the party a bit. Then came Sir RDA, our Business Group Director who joined in the party which even gave a whole laugh to our party as he gave us his wackiest at Paint Me a Scene game.

Raffled cash and gifts added to the anticipation of those present. I for one is very eager to hear my phone ring. We put in all our celphone numbers which is our entry to the raffle. Then during the raffle, the hosts will miss call the winner... poor thing if you have an empty battery or you don't have signal...hehehe!!! But I wasn't able to bag anything from the draw. Good thing Sir Bob gave out his rewards for the AR reduction... Ahem! Ahem!! I was one of the top performers in AR reduction!!! Weeehhhh!!!

This year was quite different. Maybe the party was a bit unplanned... "parang minadali"... we are not at our own vicinity, the party was not exclusive to the employees, but despite all that, I think the party served its purpose... that we would enjoy each other's company, get to share our blessings to others... This year was quite a pain for Taguig BA, many has gone and transferred... but for that night, they have come home to celebrate. Despite the bad numbers for the year, there are still reasons for celebrating... afterall, there are a lot of lessons and experienced gained. =)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kwentuhan Lang... Pasko na Naman!

Christmas!!! Malapit na ang Pasko! My most favorite time of the year! At masyado na namang busy ang mga tao... Naghahabol ng Christmas shopping ang mga may pera. Pampasikip naman ang nagwiwindowshopping (hehehe!). Naghahabol din ng mga tatapusin sa work dahil ngaung taon, mahaba ang bakasiyon!!!! Amen to that...makakauwi ako at makakapagpahinga ng mahaba. Speaking of which tiyak na nagtataasan na ang mga pamasahe lalo na sa eroplano papunta nang kung saan. Buti na lang at nakabili na kami ng aking kapatid ng ticket November pa lang. Weeeh!!! Excited na akong umuwi!!!

Ang masaya kapag Pasko, maraming Christmas parties at get-togethers. Tiyak, maraming food!!!! Overflowing for sure iyon...Meron sa work, minsan company wide, at meron din per department lang. Sa amin ngaung taon, walang company Christmas Party, nagtitipid ang kumpanya dahil sa economic crisis ng buong mundo. Kahit necessity ang tubig, nagtitipid naman ang mga tao..kaya apektado kami...Kaya Christmas Party na lang sa Taguig Business Area. May plano pang Christmas get-together with Batch 16. Ngaung day pala kami grumadwyet.. parang kelan lang un na nagkakandarapa kami para sa management presentation at preparation for the graduation... At si "changed man" Chase, nag-organie ng EK Christmas gimik kasama ng mga cadets ng TPat! Isa ka talagang batang Henyo!! Ang saya! Idagdag mo pa ang Christmas Party ng C5 Supply Zone na may GK Christmas Party sa Pinagsama... sana makasama ako dun.

Sa SFC naman, maagang Christmas Party ang naganap noong December 6. Isinabay na doon ang Lord's Day celebration and Graduation naming mga bagong pasok ng SFC. Besides doon, may isang get-together pa kami ng aking mga kasama sa discussion group. Hahaha!!! Parang hindi kami nagsasawa sa isa't-isa...Dadalo din ako sa Christmas Party para sa mga bata ng GK Sagip. First time ko ito kaya hindi ko pa alam ang mangyayari...

Pati mga college friends ko, nagbabalak din kaming magkita-kita!!! Dinner lang sa labas at kwentuhan lang ng kung ano-ano... hmmm Christmas time lang ata namin to nagagawa mula nang naghiwahiwalay kami.. busy na kasi masyado ang mga buhay-buhay! At of course, ang mahal kong Abyans at Sisses ay magtitipon-tipon din for a Christmas Party bago magsiuwian sa kanya-kanyang probinsya... aagos na naman ang alak... patibayan na lang ng atay!

Reunion ng walang sawa. Manila get-together pa lang yan ha... Ang dami pang pending na parties sa Bacolod pag-uwi kasama ng mga mahal sa buhay at mga highschool beerbuddies... Isama mo pa doon ang annual reunion ng batch at reunion din ng SILAK at SILAB. Phew!!! For sure, ang taba ko na pagkatapos ng Pasko...

Sana di kami sing taba ni St. Nick... mahirap na!!! hehehe!

Monday, December 8, 2008

One More Long Weekend

I am blessed of another long weekend, having an extra day off for self. =)

Saturday was spent with the Lord as I attended "The Lord's Day" celebration of SFC. I have so much fun with the group. Food was great and splendid and performances are very enjoyable... My team even won a game, the only game in the party. The best part of it all is the praises and worship, it is like conversing to the Lord alone. I don't know, that is what I always feel.

I went to work Sunday. It is not actually work perse... I just went to Taguig for the Global City Fun Run since the event is to be held in my area. We are giving water through tankering to the participants of the run. Bad thing was, the event starts at 6AM and I went home super late due to the SFC party thus I woke up pretty late too. If not for Bernie calling my 2 phones, I haven't gotten out of bed. I arrived at Taguig 8AM with the event being over. =(

So I just went home to prepare for my, ahem, self proclaimed other half, Manny Pacquioa's fight. Poor as we are, we settled ourselves to a very small tube. Can't even get a better glimpse of my Manny! Hays.... and I wasn't able to finish watching the match. I left by 5th round to catch on a play at UP.

As I've said, went to UP to meet up with Kat and watch the production of Dulaang UP, Atang. Superb play. I'll make a better review in a separate blog since it deserves one. Afterwich, Kat and I went to SM North to find a blue blouse/top for the BA's Christmas party. Kat was also searching for a newsboy cap for her own company Christmas celebration. Ellainne met up with us and had dinner at Kenny Rogers before we all said goodbyes to each other and separate ways.

I had an extra free day today. It is Taguig City Day so we've got no work. But I wasn't out of the house, I just did my pending laundry and was browsing at the internet all day just watching movies and tv series.

Now I'm reading Twilight. I remembered that Sis Icile sent me electronic copies of the four books... So I better play Santa to myself and feed my curiousity with the intriguing Edward Cullen. Sadly, I'll settle with reading it from my laptop until someone will give me a copy of it either in paperback or hardbound. But I prefer the latter, hehehe!

Straight non-stop typing what's in my head... :P


I was only about three years old when she was proclaimed National Artists by former President Corazon Aquino. She lives in Tondo, have two children and is married to Amado V. Hernandez. Atang de la Rama, is known to be the Queen of Kundiman and Queen of Sarswela.

Personally, I don't know her nor have I heard about her. I came to watch Dulaang UP's production without reading the synopsis nor reading any reviews. I am totally an Atang-ignorant.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kilala niyo ba si Atang?

I was only about three years old when she was proclaimed National Artists by former President Corazon Aquino. She lives in Tondo, have two children and is married to Amado V. Hernandez. Atang de la Rama, is known to be the Queen of Kundiman and Queen of Sarswela.

Personally, I don't know her nor have I heard about her. I came to watch Dulaang UP's production without reading the synopsis nor reading any reviews. I am totally an Atang-ignorant.

atang_posterFor its 33rd year, Dulaang UP presented Atang, Ang Dulang may Musika. Written by Floy Quintos and directed by Alexander Cortez, Atang showcase an excerpt of the life of Heronata de la Rama or famously known as Atang de la Rama.

The play started during the year when she was to be awarded by the former President Cory as National Artist for the Arts. During that year too, the story of her life will be featured in a film with Gia, an up and rising star to play her role.

Gia, wearing a terno (which is very Atang), paid her a visited at her home in Tondo to get to know Atang and to study her so that she would portray her role well. At first, Atang thought that Gia was all superficiality... she's doing the role for the sake of her fame and the opportunity of portraying the legendary Atang de la Rama. Atang thought of it as shallow with Gia not having the heart for what she is doing. As she is trying to mold Gia into her role, reviewing Gia's research of her life, and going through the script, Atang realized that at her age (84 yrs old) it is not rightful anymore to bring up the pasts. She thought that the film will distort events, exagerate stories, and give an unrealistic message to its audience. To Atang, what is essential is her dignity and she give most importance to life's mysteries. In the end, she requested Gia to say no to the producers in doing the film. She asked her not to push through with the movie at all.

atangAtang depicts of a star who's light has gone dim and has died. People have forgotten her. But amidst that, she displayed grace and maturity, accepting that her fame and beauty has come and gone. She has enjoyed her fame and adorations long enough to have numerous memories, of which she will always bring with her, mysterious and unknown to her audience.

Once again, Dulaang UP, has not failed to leave its audience imprints as each play gives a concrete message to its viewers... Hep hep Hooray for DUP!!

The wife of Franco Laurel, Ayen Laurel, played Gia, and have a very good voice singing all the kundiman popularied by the great Atang de la Rama as she is playing the young Atang too as the old Atang reminisce. The 84 year old Atang dela Rama was played by Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino who is a veteran in theater. Sobrang galing niya talaga!!! Kat and I were actually crying at the end of the play as she reminisce her past and how much she wanted to preserve her memories. Joining the cast too is Bituin Escalante appearing as the Queen of Vaudeville, Katy dela Cruz.


In the house too, was Franco Laurel, doing the pre-play rules and advisories. hehehe!!! Stage husband? Spotted too was Cris Villonco with Nicolo Manahan sitting side by side (Gossip girl, ikaw ba ito?!?!).

Sipalay At Last

Diane and Bebe are back from the States. I'm home for the weekend from the stress of Manila. Ads planned out the whole thing way way back it only materialized now.

It wasn't a breeze going there. Issues have came up before all of us agreed to go. The early call time was also a highlight of the trip. On top of that is the radiator's leak which cause us stranded in the middle of nowhere (hehehe!! I just could not remember where) and me hording on cheesedogs out of boredom while waiting for our rescue.

But seeing the resort and the food that Ads had prepared for us had made all the struggles worth it. But we were not spared when we reached Sipalay. While going boating and island hoping, tides are high that we can't even go near the islets and the caves for pic taking. And going back to the resort, we were showered by heavy rains...

But the trip is the most memorable since it is the first out of town trip I had with my friends. We just don't have the time before... been busy with school, we only seem to be fine with just get-togethers over some beers at Boy's or coffee at Cafe Bob's which is followed by a whole lot... =)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Twenty Questions

"shoot me!"

Twenty questions, in total...or 10 questions each... a guy and a girl alternately asking the other. That's the theme of the play Tina and I got to watch at the University of Makati last Wednesday. The play was written by Juan Ekis and has won a Palanca Award. Yumi and Jigs are the new victim of a barkada tradition: a guy and a girl will be locked in a room for 24 hours. It was actually Yumi who invented the game to hook up two of her friends... never did she know that in the future she will be one of the victims of the tradition. And the game has never failed to end up its victims in liking each other to the point of going through marriage.

twenty questions

To kill their 24-hour long wait, Jigs suggested to play Twenty Questions. The rule of the game: 10 questions will be asked alternately and honest answers should be given out. No questions should be left unanswered. These 10 questions is an ultimate way to get to know the person even beter.

As each question is asked, secrets were revealed... until little by little, one by one, the couple got to know about each other, their beliefs, their experiences... until the very last questions, Yumi showed her vulnerability while Jigs showed his idealism towards love, relationship, sex and marriage. Two contradicting and opposite personalities, ended up in one room, and maybe end up with each other on the 20th question.

The play was good. There were lapses in the play but was only revealed through the Q.A. right after the play.  What was bad was that, the crowd we were in were mostly composed of students. They thought they were in a cinema and it is ok to howl or even bluntly say their comments. Some were even inconsiderate to not turn off their celfones, the least have it in silent mode. Others had flash photography... they were all so irritating that you would be frustrated that you could not get your money's worth because of such lousy crowd. If only you could screen the voices and the noise out and detach yourself from them and focus on the play and the actors, it would have been a fabulous theater experience.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

UP reigns sUPreme

A two-peat for the UP Pep Squad. I have not seen the live performance of this.. not even in TV... there were plans among cadets at the office but I guess we forgot all about it because we were so thrilled of our Boss Bob's birthday party... but amidst that, I'm at awe at how they performed... good thing there is

Congratulations to the benchmark of cheerdancing: UP PEP SQUAD

The stunts, pyramids and the lifts are not clean but I guess the creativity and uniqueness of UP's performance sets it from the rest. Every year there is always something or even a lot of new things infused int their routine... Even with just the costumes and hairstyles (Notice the mohawk hairstyle of the guys in the squad and the uniform short hair of the girls), they go beyond the norm...
Iba ang may WOW effect.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hinabing Pakpak ng Ating mga Anak

PhotobucketWritten and Directed by Anton Juan, Jr.

Could not explain the haunting creepiness I felt while watching the play. It was I guess the conscience playing top notch.

There was this girl who dreams of going away then each night he is pulled by his mollestng father. A young boy sells sampaguita, disillusioned of the life his father dreamed of them in Manila. Another boy has loosened his nuts due to a lot of disappointments and poverty. A girl exchange sex for some scraps of metal junk and other things to sell to live. A girl, brilliant but poverty-stricken, could not go to school and learn, resorted to killing herself. Two men are in a debate or in a talk as to whether there is still hope for the these children in our country. According to the actors of the play, the two men has many meanings. It may be two writers discussing. It may be a person/writer talking to himself. It may be a writer and his audience. It may even be you and your conscience, in a solemn discussion.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Noli at Fili Dekada 2000 (Dos Mil)

I came to a crash course in history and filipino when I came to watch a play of PETA just this afternoon. In highschool, we never finished discussing Noli Me Tangere, then we shifted to El Fili in our graduating year but had it half done. I got the gist of the novel in the synopsis and help books for Noli and Fili.

Now, Noli and Fili of the late Rizal does reflect the cancer in the 1800s but through PETA's Noli and Fili inspired play, it's audience had a modern vivid picture of the sickness of our society.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

PDA Batch 2

PDAI'm watching PDA right now. And I just can't help but compare them to Batch 1. And they are a lousy bunch. Except maybe for Liezel which proves to be the best among them having been a 2-time star scholar. But I can't help whine in my seat for the stiffness of a lot of them and how boring they are. I miss performances and intensity of competition of Batch 1 like Punky, Ate Rosita, Jay-R, Irish, Chad (I so loooooooooovvvvvvvvve), Ivan (Ellainne so love his performance) and of course Yeng and much more. You just don't want any of them to leave. We can't just miss any gala performance of PDA 1. Now, with PDA 2, I just want to go to sleep.

Monday, June 2, 2008


I just came home from a treat-yourself-Sunday at The Aromatherapy Center with Kat. We both had a whole body massage. My body is actually aching right now but I feel so refreshed.


 I had a very rejuvenating and a bit hard massage. I was not able to sleep even if Kat and I were so quiet. But I'm not complaining really.. the lady doing my massage has really a good and powerful hands. And the thing about her is that, her pressure does not change a single bit. It was quite expensive though (as compared to my Bacolod spa) but that goes with everything here in Manila, I guess. :P
Aromatherapy Center
SM Megamall
5th Level, Bldg. A
Edsa cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City Metro Manila
Phone: 637-5411 to 12

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Blu Rm and Mirasol

I rave about plays.. and watching them. I would not pass up the chance to watch one. Often, I would search through the net of what production in on-going around the metro and if my schedule allows it, I would just go and watch.

Talk about expensive addiction.. good thing there are free ones.

the blu rmThe Blu Rm
I was able to catch the thesis presentation of the graduating class of the theater students of UP last April 16, 2008 (Friday). Under the production of Dulaang Laboratoryo, The Blu Rm is a 10-act play presenting a new perspective of love, lust, desire, sex and sexuality. It consists only of 2 actors, Chic San Agustin and Pat Valera, but the characters they play presents how and where love, lust, desires and sex are often found. A difference from the plays I have watched and made it unconventional was that it used digital theather.

A Sunday with Morrie

’m still at awe at how the actors had delivered that afternoon.

Sunday, May 18, I was debating as to whether I would go and watch the play Tuesdays with Morrie, a Repertory Philippines production. The venue is quite far and I don’t know if I would actually make it on time with all the traffic in the metro. We are scheduled for a KRA review the following day, all the more reason that I should stay at the office and work on my presentation. But I have that nagging voice inside my head telling me of just go and watch. And so I did.

It took me an hour to reach Insular Building in Alabang from the Taguig Office. I was a bit exhausted since a walk is needed from the highway. There was no jeepney passing in front of the building. A sudden feeling of anxiety enveloped me as I entered the building. It spells elite. Add to that the people entering it. They were all dressed up in chic dresses and classy tops. I felt like a peasant next to them.

I hurriedly bought my ticket as the receptionists were already calling for people to enter the auditorium. The audi was quite small but big enough for a theatrical performance that is personal and could easily get into the characters.

And then the play started. Mitch (Bart Guingona) came out first and had accounts of his undergraduate life. He introduced his favorite professor, Morrie (played by Jose Mari Avellana) with such vigor. And they each recounted their lives together when Mitch was still a student and Morrie is his teacher, building the story.

And the big news of Morrie’s illness was out. Morrie has ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease (research about it if you guys are interested). Mitch heard about it when he was browsing through TV channels looking for a good show. Afterwhich he called up Morrie just to know how he is. The conversation led to Mitch promise of a visit. It was 16 years when Mitch left college. Leaving the portals of school, he also left Morrie a promise, that he would be staying in touch. But he didn’t.

And Mitch knows how Morrie loves to be hugged. He loves “feeling”. I guess when one is near death, one needs to be touched so as to be reminded that he is still alive.

Morrie’s deterioration showed, transitioning from using a cane to later a wheelchair and then, just sitting on a chair where his feet could only be moved by his upper amenities, and then he was stuck to his death bed. And all these were witnessed by Mitch as he visit Morrie, every Tuesday. First, it felt like obligation to Mitch, visiting Morrie every Tuesday and not attend to his fast-paced life as a sports writer. It was like attending school again and his assignment are questions he wants Morrie to answer. Each visit, Mitch brought food but it later found that it was all stuck to the ref since Morrie had a hard time eating alone and later, eating solids. In his alone moments, Morrie showed his self pity to the audience but when he faces Mitch it was the beautiful side of life, living and dying that he showed and teach his student.
Soon, the obligation turned to anticipated visits.

And each session, Mitch finds himself asking the questions about life, of dreams, of death. I loved the part when Morrie told Mitch that he had an living eulogy from his friends and colleagues. "A what?", Mitch asked him. And he explained that it is entirely useless to say good things of the person when he could no longer hear and appreciate it. So thus, he had a living eulogy.

And during the last days of Morrie, Mitch was at his side. He never left his mentor. And I love how it ends really, Morrie standing up from his deathbed, get into the center and danced into the music that he only hears (that music is produced at the other side of the stage by Mitch)... Of course at that time, I assume that he is dead and is already at bliss in the hands of his Creator.

And then Jose Mari Avellana slowly slowed down, went to the side of his bed. I could hear from an audience a lady coming towards the stage saying "Oh no!" And then Avellana was down. When Bart Guingona finally realize the comotion, he was rushing toward's Avellana's side and was apologizing to the audience that they could not finish the play and Avellana is sick. And the family came rushing towards the stage while the rest of the audience were at a shock of what is happening. Some were asking if there was a doctor in the house, some was going out to tell the production staff to call ambulance, while Guingona was asking to turn-off the stage lights.
tuesdays with morrie_actors
I went out of the auditorium, to lessen the comotion, not knowing if he made it or not. I hope he did as i really want to see him in other plays. I just love the man and his art. Really splendid!!!

There is a repeat of Tuesday's with Morrie. And Avellana is not playing Morrie. :( Hope he is well.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Manila Zoo

My brother haven't been to Manila Zoo.. and it has been a year since he went here for College. So for today's gimick, he suggested that we go to Manila Zoo. He has been an animal lover. And among us four, he's the one who has pets of fishes, rabbits, dogs, pigs, quails, geese, ducks and chickens. He used to have pigs and made a lot of money from them.
An Elephant greets you as you entered the Zoo

So we searched our way, and after a few questions to strangers on how to get there, we found ourselves queuing for tickets at Manila Zoo in Quirino Ave.

The entrance at Manila Zoo was cheap which is a good thing.  For non residents its Php 40 for adults while Php 20 for kids.  For those who resides in Manila City, it is half the price.


This has been my 5th time,and it never fails to disappoint me seeing that it is of low maintenance... Ung mga monkeys parang walang kabuhay-buhay... owel, captivity will surely make you feel that, I guess. And the windows of the reptiles, it seems that it has been a century since they have cleaned it.

The fun part of the visit though is the Kinder Zoo. It was my first. You could actually touch and interact with their pets... snakes and parrots and cockatoo will be placed in your shoulders and arms. You could also put an arm at Erica, the ostrish. Some children could actually ride Erica. We were also amazed at the 15-year old tortoise. 
Afraid of the snakes

swarmed by the parrots and cockatoos

sitting on more than a decade old tortoise


friends with Erica, the Ostrich

The highlight of it all, is carrying a croc..


Manila Zoo is open from 7AM to 6 PM daily.  Just avoid joining the crowds during weekends.

Getting There:  Take LRT and get off at Quirino Station. Ride a jeepney going to Mabini or Harrison.  Then request the driver to drop you off in the zoo.  Manila Zoo is located at the corner of Harrison and Mabini Streets, in Quirino Ave., in Adriatico St., MalateManila City.

Have fun at the zoo!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Skin Deep

skindeepIf you have the opportunity to change your self physically, would you grab it?  If you would have someone else's face or somebody's frame, what would you exchange to take it? Would you let Belo or Calayan put a knife in your skin? If you'll be offered a face-lift, a lyposuction, a tummy-tuck, a nip here and there, would you endure the pain for the sake of beauty?

I was able to watch Skin-Deep, PETA's February offering. The play is written by Vincent de Jesus and tackles on artificial beauty. Dr. Beau, a world known cosmetic surgeon opened a one-stop beauty haven where 7 lucky text winners will be able to stay and have the procedures (to improve themselves) they want, all for FREE. And the lucky ones: an extremely obese call center agent, a married couple who have a rocky relationship, a probinsyano who aspires to be a model, a gay florist who wants to look young so as to be valuable in the market, a battered wife who was burned to unrecognition by her husband, and the reigning Ms. Artificial Beauty who has undergone to more or less 50 procedures.

In the course of the play, each character were swans in themeselves but upon the transition, they were not able to find the happiness they were looking for. The play reflects us who are in a continuous plight to be accepted in a world who only accepts superficiality. It cuts deep the truth that we change and opt to be beautiful not for ourselves but for others. We opt to be beautiful to be embraced.

There are a lot of times that I wished I am this and that. During my puberty years, I longed to have lighter skin or a few more inches in height. I longed to have very straight black hair (the reason why my hair has gone from hot oil, hair spa, relax, "rebond" etc.) or very straight and shining white teeth. I dreamed of a clear skin, with non-visible pores. I have gone through a lot of diets hoping to achieve and or maintain my ideal weight. I wish for perfection.

But now, though I'm still a mess, I have accepted and learned to love myself. I love my morena looks. I confess, I still use skin products to protect my skin especially now I'm doing field work.I have accepted that I have to rely on heels as I won't grow, even just a few centimeters. I still go to the salon to get my hair fixed but I haven't gone through another procedure with my hair (as of.. hehehe!). I'm still a fan of beauty but there is a difference between vain and just being beautiful...

...although sadly there is only a thin line separating it.

I so love the play... there is a lot of humor and ridicule in the play but you have to open your ears as the audience may have side comments and you will be left to not hearing the funny lines. The simple set is also very effective. This is my first Peta play and definitely I'll be watching more of it.

Two thumbs up!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Romance in D

Call me theater addict. Call me a play-fanactic. I just don't care. I just love watching plays.

And so once again, I and a good friend, Tina, trudged Greenbelt 1 where the play Romance in D is held.

romance in D

Romance in D is a romantic comedy encircling 4 people. It started with Isabel Fox's (played by Ana Abad Santos-Bitong) suicidal attempt and was saved by Charles Norton (played by Audie Gemora), who lives at the next door apartment. Isabel, a writer and a poet, after her husband left her for a 20+ year old was left depressed and suicidal. Charles Norton, a musicologist, who tries to live a recluse life after the past unsuccessful relationships he had. While Isabel is overcoming depression and Charles continues as a recluse, they were watched over by their parents. Isabel is always visited by her charming dad, George Fox (played by Chinggoy Alonso) while Charlie is always visited and cooked by her mom, Helen Norton (played by Pinky Marquez) and after hearing about the suicidal attempt both parent pushed their son/daughter to connect with the other.

But fate was good to them, as well as their parents. As each day Isabel goes to Charlie's place sharing dinner, good music and poetry, romance blossomed. And while the parents do their duties checking how their kids are doing, they too were connected and romance I guess is not yet over for the two oldies.

Love again has its way of hitting people. That is how I got it from the play. And regardless of age, it just knocks at your door... And sometimes risks just has to be made to experience it. And some laughter too!!! :)

Island Getaway to Capones and Anawangin

Last week, I with some friends, were enroute to Zambales to discover the islands of Capones and Anawangin. A break from my routine life at work, I guess I need to hit the beach and getaway from all the rowdiness of the life in Manila. I guess I really need the break...

So we (Chris, Donna, Kat and I) were at Philcoa at around 3 am and we proceeded to the Victory Liner to meet Yuuji and Bembem in Caloocan to catch the 4:15 AM trip. But we never anticipated the great number of people who would compete with us to getting to Zambales, we loaded the 5:15 AM trip.

After 3-4 stop-overs, we arrived at San Antonio, Zambales by 9am. Hunger enveloped us so we looked for the market where we would get breakfast and do some shopping of our food for lunch, dinner and breakfast since when we cross for Anawangin islands, its no turning back... we would leave all the comforts we used to have. We will face darkness (no electricity), isolation(no cell phone signal), and great adventure. As Jackie Madrigal would put it, "It's so bucolic"

We had tents for our roofs, and we cooked our own food. We have two deepwells to get unsalted water from and we need to fetch water to clean ourselves and our stuff. But I guess that we have to endure to explore a great beach with a forest of pine trees. We spent the afternoon trekking and then we hit the beach after that. Dinner time came, we had fried tilapia and kilawin, which was my first time. Stargazing followed with all the jokes we have brought. I saw two falling stars that night.

Second day, we headed to Capones Islands and had the lighthouse as our goal. To reach it, we have to climb mountains, and traverse through slippery big oceanic rocks. But amidst that it was so fun and a very unfamiliar experience. The tiring climb would have stopped us but a picturesque view along the way were so encouraging. And when we finally reached the old lighthouse on top of Capones, the view was worth the climb.
beauty with the sunsetSummer is finally here, and this time, it won't be put to waste. There are a lot of things to do and I won't let it pass me.

Aside from de-stressing myself, it was also an opportunity to be a camwhore. :))

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Orosman at Zafira

Orozman at ZafiraLast Wednesday, Kat and I, squeezed into our busy schedules watching Orosman at Zafira in Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero. The play is Dulaang UP's entry to UP Centennial Celebration of Komedyafiesta.

Orosman at Zafira is written by Francisco Baltazar and portrays the three kingdoms bound by power, death, deceit, revenge, love and war. It is a Komedya with a story of love in a setting where there is conflict between of pashas, all are after the power.

After the assasination of Mahamud, sultan of Marruecos, war began as kingdoms came after the position. On the otherhand, Zafira, Mahamud's daughter plans to take back on her father's murderer, Boulasem, the grand pasha of Tendst and the newly self proclaimed sultan of Marruecos. She joins forces with Zelim, the pasha of Duquela, who, also pursue the throne. Though two kingdoms has come together, they have lost to the army of Boulasem led by his sons, Abdalap and Orosman. Zafira was captured but both Abdalap and Orosman fall for Zafira and wishes to free the princess. At that time, Zafira secretly falls in love with Orosman without knowing his identity. But Abdalap also thirst for power and successfully plots a plan to dethrone his father through death. Zafira is torn between revenge for her father or her love for Orosman' the son of his father's murderer. On the otherhand, her beloved Orosman is stuck between the love for Zafira, their kingdom's enemy or the throne his father has fought for.

The play is superb although there are a few lapses. It was so tiring to watch it, not because it is boring, but movements of the dancers for each kingdom is really exhausting. I have a hard time understanding the lines since they are in old Tagalog and very poetic. But all in all, it was all good.
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