Monday, May 21, 2007

Star City Once More

Exactly a week ago I was able to visit Star City, with my brother, my cousin and neices.  After 13 years, I have again set foot in that theme park where I had found memories with my batchmates when we were sent as delegates in an Earth Summit in Tagaytay.  A lot of things changed.  Besides the more dangerous and stomach churning rides, I learned that I have lost my guts.  Before, any ride, you could grab me to join you.  But now, I’m like a dog with its tail in between its hind legs…I guess that comes with age.  It’s either you’ll be stronger and fearless or you’ll fear taking risks and miss out all the fun.

“Ang Pag-iibigan ni Kitri at Basilio”
Now an addition to the many attractions of Star City is a weekend performance of Ballet Philippines, main feature of course is the prima ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde.  We were able to drag the kids to watch Ang Pag-iibigan ni Kitri at Basilio, an excerpt from Don Quixote.  The performance was good but I just hate interpreting their dance!!!  Hahaha!!!  I don’t know the story of Don Quixote so I just depended on their movements to know the story.  My nieces were all fidgety in their seats wanting to go out.

I have always been curious of how people appreciate a ballet recital or performance.  I mean, I like how they danced especially Lisa Macuja but I think it was not worth the pay.  Or maybe I’m just too biased, favoring watching plays than this.

We were not able to take a lot of pictures at the theme park.  My nieces, Kasume and Mijo were very picture happy and curious with our phones and spent the afternoon taking a lot of pictures and left us with an empty battery.  I felt sorry thinking about it because there were a lot of places where we could have taken shots of ourselves (Peter Pan, Giants, and the Ice made Hercules gallery).  Hays, balik na lng ako… at sana malibre ulit.

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