Friday, July 28, 2006

Shadows of the Reef

Yesterday, I was able to watch the play produced by Dulaang UP under the direction of the legendary Anton Juan, Shadows of the Reef or its tagalog version of Mga Anak ng Dagat. It was, like his other plays, splendid.


Shadows of the Reef was about a group of folk people in a barrio whose men and children do skin diving or muro ami to sustain their family. If not of the resources from the water, they resort to a root crop they refer to as Pagkaing Ugat ng Kamatayan because it tends to kill the person eating it when you peel the crop incorrectly. Since the women are the ones left when the men leave to , most of the scenes are of the barrio women talking about a particular woman who lost his young son through muro ami and became a prostitute, giving sexual services for the men working on board big ships night after night. This woman is particularly controvertial because she wants to portray Jesus Christ for the Holy Week. She wants to be crucified like Christ as retribution of her sins. It was of course a first in their church and in their barrio. But she got a chance to be Christ when she was able to save a son of a town folk who drowned due to diving and thought of the act as a miracle.


It was really creative how they did the set design and how they portray movement under water. The girl who portrayed the controvertial woman was really a very good actress and his son who is really a little boy was exclamatory because he memorize all his lines and deliver them when correct intonation and pronunciation. Note that his part is not a 1-liner. He has a scene when he was underwater and he had a lot of lines about his life and his dreams. Nakakaaliw na nakakabilib!!!


President Erlinda Roman, president of the University of the Philippines, was in the house.

Dulaang UP
College of Arts and Letters
UP Diliman
Office Number: 926-1349, 981-8500 local 2449 or 433-7840

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Latasia Fusion

Just a little promotion. Latasia Fusion is a new pseudo-resto (casual dining) serving meat-free foods in UP. You could find it when you enter UP (via Katipuna) through Romulo Hall ... just ride a Katipunan Jeep and dropped yourselves before the gate.

I have tasted their veggie shawarma and you could not tell the meat-alternative to the beef included in real shawarma. And their “mayonnaise” for shawarma is egg-free. They are also serving kare-kare, adobo, bistek, chicharon and ice cream, tinolang mock chicken, sisig, kaldereta, menudo, lengua etc. with meat alternatives or veggie meats. They have a long list of dishes of pasta and noodles as well as desserts such as choco banana pancake and choco bananuts. Along with that they are serving fruit shakes, lattes, smoothies to quench the customer’s thirst.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe owners are, I think advocate, of animal rights thus converted themselves to veggie eating. And it may be a (wrong) notion that health foods are expensive and are only for the rich people, their food is really affordable. They serve rice meals (two viands + pandan rice) for only 40php. Their shawarma was only 40php and was really stomach-filling.

I might be hooked with veggie eating seeing the numerous alternatives but I’m not a full-convert vegetarian. I would still eat meat from time to time and I could not avoid seafoods even if somehow I show signs of allergic reactions. : p

See you in Latasia Fusion!
Latasia Fusion is along Katipunan Avenue, Balara, Quezon City, at the back of UP and in front of MWSS compound.
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