Saturday, April 15, 2006

Moments of Love

Image hosting by PhotobucketIf you actually believe in the mystery of magic, this movie could pass. Concept-wise, it is no original. The nearest similarity I could give it is the Korean movie Il Mare though they communicated through letters sent in a mail box, Marco (Dingdong Dantes) and Divina Buenazer (Iza Calzado) of Moments communicated through an ancient telephone. Another difference is that the gap in their periods is very big. 49 years in Moments while in Il Mare, they only have a 3-5 year gap.

The plot has minimum loop-hole. One good side was putting a little bit of history, having Magsaysay’s death in year 1957 to show Divina the truth of the different time periods. The story after Divina’s death was well constructed. As I’ve said, if you believe in magic’s existence, it would pass. But what was not developed was Dingdong’s on-screen relationship with Karylle. He was in love with the woman she was conversing with in the ancient phone and was crying over the truth of her death and then all of a sudden, there was a shift of feelings and was convincing his intentions to Karylle.

Another downside of the movie was in Isabel Oli’s character. She is suppose to be a kikay sister of Marco but failed to give the audience that. Maybe the kikay role itself is never for her. It was way too OA.

Cinematography, especially in Divina’s time, was very good. They never failed to give the details like the phone, the dresses, hairstyle, even the cars. The only thing they have forgotten was the tree by the lake, it seemed to not change at all. It never grew and aged. The only distinguishable change was the carving Divina did in the tree’s trunk. And remember, we are talking about a 49-year difference. The only good explaination I could think is that somebody maintains the tree which I doubt.

But overall the movie was good. I recommend that you go out and see it from start to end. I repeat from start to end. : )

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