Saturday, December 16, 2006


Photobucket - Video and Image HostingJust came home from watching a Dulaang UP production of Hamlet/Redux. It was fine. Wow... that was the first “ok lang” comment I gave of DUP since Hibik at Himagsik. Ok it was a bit of a drag...maybe because the play was in Tagalog and the lines are poetic so the words are really so deep. Plus the fact that I already know about the story. But really, the actors are superb (si Arnold Reyes ba naman ang gumanap na Hamlet) acting-wise. You can’t even say that the direction is bad coz its Tony Mabesa doing it. And on the other elements, wala ka din ipipintas... Maybe it is just the lines.

Tonight was the the last night... actually tonight’s play is already an extension...and still it was jampacked. Ellainne and I were already at the bleachers and we were 15 minutes early!!! Well, there are still cushioned ones but Ellainne and I will be seated separately if we will take them so we include ourselves with the lucky few who are seated at the backmost part of Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero.

All in all... hmmm it was ok lang...basta maganda naman kasi... talaga ako lang ung nabore..

Friday, July 28, 2006

Shadows of the Reef

Yesterday, I was able to watch the play produced by Dulaang UP under the direction of the legendary Anton Juan, Shadows of the Reef or its tagalog version of Mga Anak ng Dagat. It was, like his other plays, splendid.


Shadows of the Reef was about a group of folk people in a barrio whose men and children do skin diving or muro ami to sustain their family. If not of the resources from the water, they resort to a root crop they refer to as Pagkaing Ugat ng Kamatayan because it tends to kill the person eating it when you peel the crop incorrectly. Since the women are the ones left when the men leave to , most of the scenes are of the barrio women talking about a particular woman who lost his young son through muro ami and became a prostitute, giving sexual services for the men working on board big ships night after night. This woman is particularly controvertial because she wants to portray Jesus Christ for the Holy Week. She wants to be crucified like Christ as retribution of her sins. It was of course a first in their church and in their barrio. But she got a chance to be Christ when she was able to save a son of a town folk who drowned due to diving and thought of the act as a miracle.


It was really creative how they did the set design and how they portray movement under water. The girl who portrayed the controvertial woman was really a very good actress and his son who is really a little boy was exclamatory because he memorize all his lines and deliver them when correct intonation and pronunciation. Note that his part is not a 1-liner. He has a scene when he was underwater and he had a lot of lines about his life and his dreams. Nakakaaliw na nakakabilib!!!


President Erlinda Roman, president of the University of the Philippines, was in the house.

Dulaang UP
College of Arts and Letters
UP Diliman
Office Number: 926-1349, 981-8500 local 2449 or 433-7840

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Latasia Fusion

Just a little promotion. Latasia Fusion is a new pseudo-resto (casual dining) serving meat-free foods in UP. You could find it when you enter UP (via Katipuna) through Romulo Hall ... just ride a Katipunan Jeep and dropped yourselves before the gate.

I have tasted their veggie shawarma and you could not tell the meat-alternative to the beef included in real shawarma. And their “mayonnaise” for shawarma is egg-free. They are also serving kare-kare, adobo, bistek, chicharon and ice cream, tinolang mock chicken, sisig, kaldereta, menudo, lengua etc. with meat alternatives or veggie meats. They have a long list of dishes of pasta and noodles as well as desserts such as choco banana pancake and choco bananuts. Along with that they are serving fruit shakes, lattes, smoothies to quench the customer’s thirst.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe owners are, I think advocate, of animal rights thus converted themselves to veggie eating. And it may be a (wrong) notion that health foods are expensive and are only for the rich people, their food is really affordable. They serve rice meals (two viands + pandan rice) for only 40php. Their shawarma was only 40php and was really stomach-filling.

I might be hooked with veggie eating seeing the numerous alternatives but I’m not a full-convert vegetarian. I would still eat meat from time to time and I could not avoid seafoods even if somehow I show signs of allergic reactions. : p

See you in Latasia Fusion!
Latasia Fusion is along Katipunan Avenue, Balara, Quezon City, at the back of UP and in front of MWSS compound.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Color of Water

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI was juggling over Physics and “The Color of Water” by James Mcbride. It was a good find in Book Sale and quite a page turner. If not for my imposed tight schedule (I have to finish Physics this week), I could have been done reading it in a day.

The Color of Water is an autobiographical novel of a white lady by her black son.  It is his tribute to the woman who brought him up so well along with his other 11 siblings. Ruth Mcbride-Jordan is a Jew who married a black American and bore her 8 children. After the death of her first husband, she married another black American and had 4 more children. All the children were black and seeing her mother, James McBride knew that her mother is different. He asked about it and she would often tell him that she’s light-skinned. Later he asked his mother if he was black or white and she outrightly snapped at him, “You’re a human being.” When when James inquisition led to God’s color, she simply said, “God is the color of water.”

It was quite difficult at that time for interracial marriages and for white and blacks to be together. Being Jewish, her family considered her dead when she married her first husband, Andrew Mcbride. While Andrew did not offer her marriage right away being afraid of death since whites kill black males when seen with a white girl especially in the Southern states. They just don’t mix. But Andrew and Ruth made it through. With Andrew, Ruth embraced the Christian faith and found strength in Jesus.

She gave importance to both religion and education. A good proof to that is the Baptist church she and her husband founded and being a regular church goer dragging all her kids to attend church every Sunday. Even though, the family was poverty-stricken she made sure that all her children get a good education putting them in a white populated schools and Jewish schools, making her sons and daughters the only black students during their younger years. All her children became professionals. She made doctors, a nurse, an engineer, a journalist, teachers, and a chemist. And at the age of 65, she finished her degree in Social Work Administration from Temple University in Philadephia.

Ruth Mcbride Jordan was quite a woman, and take hold of “The Color of Water” to read her exquisite life.
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James McBride and his mother Ruth McBride-Jordan

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Moments of Love

Image hosting by PhotobucketIf you actually believe in the mystery of magic, this movie could pass. Concept-wise, it is no original. The nearest similarity I could give it is the Korean movie Il Mare though they communicated through letters sent in a mail box, Marco (Dingdong Dantes) and Divina Buenazer (Iza Calzado) of Moments communicated through an ancient telephone. Another difference is that the gap in their periods is very big. 49 years in Moments while in Il Mare, they only have a 3-5 year gap.

The plot has minimum loop-hole. One good side was putting a little bit of history, having Magsaysay’s death in year 1957 to show Divina the truth of the different time periods. The story after Divina’s death was well constructed. As I’ve said, if you believe in magic’s existence, it would pass. But what was not developed was Dingdong’s on-screen relationship with Karylle. He was in love with the woman she was conversing with in the ancient phone and was crying over the truth of her death and then all of a sudden, there was a shift of feelings and was convincing his intentions to Karylle.

Another downside of the movie was in Isabel Oli’s character. She is suppose to be a kikay sister of Marco but failed to give the audience that. Maybe the kikay role itself is never for her. It was way too OA.

Cinematography, especially in Divina’s time, was very good. They never failed to give the details like the phone, the dresses, hairstyle, even the cars. The only thing they have forgotten was the tree by the lake, it seemed to not change at all. It never grew and aged. The only distinguishable change was the carving Divina did in the tree’s trunk. And remember, we are talking about a 49-year difference. The only good explaination I could think is that somebody maintains the tree which I doubt.

But overall the movie was good. I recommend that you go out and see it from start to end. I repeat from start to end. : )

Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm in the Company of...

24 Oras
Image hosting by PhotobucketI sometimes come home late that I oftentimes miss out the rest of 24 Oras but the last segment of Chikka Minute. I’m just so tired of hearing the intrigues about the Sexbomb Girls having problems with the management of Eat…Bulaga!.  When would it end?  And who is this Sugar, who I think has to tighten her nuts a bit, and how did she became the pet of Eat…Bulaga’s Bossing Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon and one of the reason’s of the Sexbomb girls being out of the noontime show?  I’ve seen her guestings in Nuts Entertainment and she is really slow and tactless.  She is somewhat a laugh at first but I ended up irritated in the end.

I don’t really care who’s telling the truth or who are just persuading the people to believe them. I just want to come home into a more worthwhile news than that.  For the Sex Bomb, truly Eat Bulaga has made you but the group is almost a decade old. If you have exsisted for that long, and if you are really that good, then prove to the televiewers that with or without Eat Bulaga, that career is going nowhere but up.

Extra Challenge
Image hosting by PhotobucketIt all depends on the theme of the challenge.  And this week’s challenge involve the kids, which I think was the first time they had as challengers.

Hmmm…I think Paola Bediones would be a great dad.  He really is good with kids.  Hayz he really deserves somebody.  And I hope he’s not gay, I mean… nobody seems to be linked with him, even just for chismis’ sake.

Paolo, ako na lang kasi ligawan mo…magpapakasal tayo agad!!! Pwamis!

Image hosting by PhotobucketTonight’s the premier of Majika, the newest magical fantaserye of GMA Network.  I’m not intrigued really, having been a follower of Encatadia then leter Etheria then returning to Encantadia, GMA has proven itself with making fantaserya without limiting it with special effects, not to mention very beautiful costumes, so I know, that effects and animation wise, this is really good, I just don’t know acting ability and storyline.

I just can’t understand why again its Angel Locsin.  Ok, she is beautiful, but her’s is nakakasawa.  I just thought that they would have given the role to somebody else.  I mean, this is like watching Darna with a different characters, setting, costumes and effects.  Now, I’m seeing Angel, flipping her cape (a cape from the waist) like she knows what she’ll do to ther enemies.  Nakakinis.

But GMA really amazes me of how such a small network (as compared to ABS CBN), could manage giving the Filipino people these kinds of shows.  It seems like they have upgraded the Filipino’s talent and skill in animation and special effects.  We could actually compete abroad.    I just hope they could hold and sustain a good story to feed curiousity and keep me coming home early to watch it.

The whole concept is similar to Harry Potter!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe longest I've been following...I remember last summer while having OJT at Bulacan, I saw to it that we have TV at the house just for Encantadia. But the story then was the fight against the sisters. Now, their enemies are the Etherians.

There are actually good actors in this telefantasya but there are a lot that i want to comment on. Take for example Jennilyn Mercado who has no diwata aura at all, let alone that he has mortal antics like there was no tomorrow. And there was JR whose role is suppose to be a robber, but his slang was so evident. And now Marky Cielo has joined the team and he has to straighten his tagalog.

If not for the costumes and special effects, Encantadia will not be on this list, I wouldn't waste time hanging on the sofa!

Image hosting by Photobucket

My Name is Kim Sam Soon
Image hosting by PhotobucketI really love this Koreanovela.  This is Girl Power Image hosting by Photobucketto the highest level.  Sam Soon never fails to give you a laugh with the way she delivers lines, answers her boss, Cyrus (my labs), how she conquers her challenges especially with her lovelife and worries on being single at 33, not to mention her name, complicated family, and restaurant co-workers.  Include also the yummy and mouth watering cakes, pastries, bread, etc. she is making, I would leave everything and go home and spend sometime in the couch (stop dreaming, it’s just a sala set).

Image hosting by PhotobucketAnd though you would like to hate Cyrus, I ended up liking him even more, wishing that I would take either Hanna Yo (his current love, the “3rd party”) or Kim Sam Soon’s place.  He is a romantic enveloped with kabastusan (not in its green sense).  He may not be the best looking Korean or the best actor I’ve seen, but you could see vulnerability amidst strong walls he built around himself.

Jewel in the Palace
Image hosting by PhotobucketI was caught up with this craze when it started.  That was the time when Jiang Geum is aspiring to be the best of the servants in the Palace.  They were in charged of the kitchen and most of the competition was to test their cooking skills.

And then she was banished but got to find her way back, this time as a nurse.  I’m not into the story anymore.  I somehow got too tired with the competition.  Add to that the song Alipin being played when Kapitan(!) and Jiang Geum will have a “moment”, too cheesy for a woohhhhh!!!!, and a aaaahhhh!!!!, it could not get a tight grip of my attention.  If not for the millionare Mark Tupas (he just one a million in K!) of Shamrock singing that song, I would have suggested of putting the TV in silent mode!!!


No wonder, my eyebags are bigger than usual because I somewhat spend more time watching these than doing my plant design..hehehe... But I wish we have ABS-CBN as an option and more channels... (keep on dreaming!)
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