Saturday, December 3, 2005

Ultra Magnetic Jam

I must have been lucky (or unlucky) and was meant to be in the UP Theater last Tuesday for this Php300 worth concert as a tribute to Eraserheads. It’s actually a “unplanned” gimmick. My housemate and her officemates bought tickets for the concert a week before the event and since my ATM was with my brother the previous week, I don’t have the money for the event and was hesitant to go. And by the time I have decided to go see the concert (having able to obtain the most-valued ATM card), there was no more tickets. Until… “sis, may ticket pa sa Jam. Ginkwaan ta ka.”

I was ecstatic and disappointed at the same time. I have decided not to go, thus I left my project for work unfinished because I know I would have a lot of time doing it and of course the very obvious: to save the money for other purposes. But of course, I can’t let go of the opportunity plus, Sis Ellainne would be the one to pay for the extra ticket. So I rushed my project and almost missed dinner for it.
It started late…and was opened with South Border’s rendition of With a Smile. Kitchie Nadal and Cueshe followed but the technical problems (sound system was poor) occurred that you would not notice they performed. I can’t really remembered the whole sequence of the band’s performance but Spongecola sang Pare Ko (they were really good…and the lead singer looks like an abyan..hehehe!!!), Imago did, Barbie Almalbis did Overdrive (good rendition too but there was no new arrangement fitted to Barbie), Paolo Santos performed with Marcus Adoro, Eheads original member and was doing lead guitars then (it was really bad…Picture Paolo Santos’s voice doing alternative rock…argh…he better stick to his acoustic music…it was Marcus who made the performance a standing ovation, it was really a tribute and panghihinayang), 6 Cycle Mind did Alapaap with smoke effects (they were really good especially with handling the crowd), Radioactive Sago Project sang Alcohol (it was really a fun number…having the lead singer reading the lyrics from a liquor bottle), MYMP did ‘Wag na ‘Wag with a touch of their music. Other artists who were there were Sugarfree (go Ebe!!! I love you!!!), Isha, Orange and Lemons.
It ended with no finale…that we waited for more because it was a major bitin. I was hoping to witness a Francis M. performance as well as Rico J. Puno’s (they are part of the album previously recorded by the artists) but got none. Grrr!!!
I have been an Eheads fan. Having to go through my brother’s collection of their album, while growing up, it was actually a blessing in disguise to hear it like a wrecked record (I was really complaining when I was young and got into a lot of fights with my brother just to put the Ehead-blaring karaoke off). A lot of their songs, I could still sing by heart. I was one of those who gushed over Ely Buendia and was saddened by their announcement that they have disbanded.
Eraserheads is known to be the Beatles of the Philippines and paved way for the new and rising bands to be acknowledged through alternative rock music. A lot of known bands today look at Eheads as legends. And personally, they are… Spongecola said “Dati, pag-alam mo ang lyrics ng Eheads, astig ka.” Which I think is very true. I felt that way everytime I get to sing their songs word for word in school a few years back. I miss Eheads although you could see the members with their own bands now.

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