Wednesday, December 7, 2005


Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI just came home from watching Sepharad:Voices de Exilio, a play by Dulaang UP. It was really very good…funny, tearjerking, romantic (with a sexual content), plightful, reflecting every detail of the journey of those who are fighting for what they believe in. To tell you honestly, I could not summarize the whole play because it is somewhat a compilation of the lives of the seven characters who experienced the graveness of the holocaust, Stalin’s government, as well as the hidden romantic relationships of the religious. Their lives are not entirely intertwined but have a similarity and then paralleled toPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting the lives of the Filipinos: the NPAs, the callcenter agents as well as those who go abroad.

It was very simple, no much backdrops to bring out a visible environment. I think it is really the signature play of the director José Estrella. She did Recoged Esta Voz: The Miguel Hernandez Project and like her latest play, it had almost no backdrops. But the simplicity of the play made its audience to focus on the characters and their message more.
Two-thumbs up for Sepharad!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2005

Ultra Magnetic Jam

I must have been lucky (or unlucky) and was meant to be in the UP Theater last Tuesday for this Php300 worth concert as a tribute to Eraserheads. It’s actually a “unplanned” gimmick. My housemate and her officemates bought tickets for the concert a week before the event and since my ATM was with my brother the previous week, I don’t have the money for the event and was hesitant to go. And by the time I have decided to go see the concert (having able to obtain the most-valued ATM card), there was no more tickets. Until… “sis, may ticket pa sa Jam. Ginkwaan ta ka.”

I was ecstatic and disappointed at the same time. I have decided not to go, thus I left my project for work unfinished because I know I would have a lot of time doing it and of course the very obvious: to save the money for other purposes. But of course, I can’t let go of the opportunity plus, Sis Ellainne would be the one to pay for the extra ticket. So I rushed my project and almost missed dinner for it.
It started late…and was opened with South Border’s rendition of With a Smile. Kitchie Nadal and Cueshe followed but the technical problems (sound system was poor) occurred that you would not notice they performed. I can’t really remembered the whole sequence of the band’s performance but Spongecola sang Pare Ko (they were really good…and the lead singer looks like an abyan..hehehe!!!), Imago did, Barbie Almalbis did Overdrive (good rendition too but there was no new arrangement fitted to Barbie), Paolo Santos performed with Marcus Adoro, Eheads original member and was doing lead guitars then (it was really bad…Picture Paolo Santos’s voice doing alternative rock…argh…he better stick to his acoustic music…it was Marcus who made the performance a standing ovation, it was really a tribute and panghihinayang), 6 Cycle Mind did Alapaap with smoke effects (they were really good especially with handling the crowd), Radioactive Sago Project sang Alcohol (it was really a fun number…having the lead singer reading the lyrics from a liquor bottle), MYMP did ‘Wag na ‘Wag with a touch of their music. Other artists who were there were Sugarfree (go Ebe!!! I love you!!!), Isha, Orange and Lemons.
It ended with no finale…that we waited for more because it was a major bitin. I was hoping to witness a Francis M. performance as well as Rico J. Puno’s (they are part of the album previously recorded by the artists) but got none. Grrr!!!
I have been an Eheads fan. Having to go through my brother’s collection of their album, while growing up, it was actually a blessing in disguise to hear it like a wrecked record (I was really complaining when I was young and got into a lot of fights with my brother just to put the Ehead-blaring karaoke off). A lot of their songs, I could still sing by heart. I was one of those who gushed over Ely Buendia and was saddened by their announcement that they have disbanded.
Eraserheads is known to be the Beatles of the Philippines and paved way for the new and rising bands to be acknowledged through alternative rock music. A lot of known bands today look at Eheads as legends. And personally, they are… Spongecola said “Dati, pag-alam mo ang lyrics ng Eheads, astig ka.” Which I think is very true. I felt that way everytime I get to sing their songs word for word in school a few years back. I miss Eheads although you could see the members with their own bands now.


I watched Prime with Sis Ellainne last Sunday. Having been free from school and work, I spent the day oversleeping, lying around in my bed while reading “The Divine Secrets of Yaya Sisterhood” and finally watching Prime.

The movie was about Rafi (Uma Thurman), a 37-year old divorcee with a successful career who met and built a sexual relationship with 23-year old David, a Jewish painter (Bryan Greenberg) who lives with his grandparents in Brooklyn. Having been over with the divorce, and coming to another relationship, Rafi goes over her sessions with her therapist, Liza Metzger (Meryl Streep).
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
1. Beautiful! Umma Thurman. 2. Hot! Bryan Greenberg. 3. Legendary! Meryl Steep!

"This sounds really good," Lisa tells Rafi as a response to her patient's enthusiasm when she went over the details of the in-and-out-of-the-sack relationship. However, Lisa’s reaction was entirely opposite when his son announces that he is seeing a non-Jew, although she is not against it, but she is worried that his son would turn his back on his heritage and religion by marrying one.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

So I guess, I would be a spoiler. Yuff!!! Rafi's David and Lisa's son are one and the same. When Lisa puts one and two together and figured it out she was in a trance on whether to quit seeing Rafi in their sessions but decided otherwise. She attempted to be professional and continue to treat Rafi in their next session and what a comedy scene it was, especially when Rafi tells every intimate details of her lovemaking with David including describing the guy’s penis which left Lisa to squirm in her lovely couch.
When Lisa can’t deal with the pressures of work and being a mother, she finally admitted to Rafi that David is his son and she stopped being her therapist. Later, they were united over a Jewish dinner when David finally decided to bring home Rafi and go through fire with her. No disastrous thing happened over dinner. Rafi even helped out with packing the food and told her she misses her.

Disaster came when David moved in in Rafi’s place until David lied about his friend coming over. They split up and David, depressed got involved with a model, whom Rafi is working with. Later, David realized how Rafi had an important role with his success as a painter and he had the courage of going to Rafi and convincing her to get back with him. And so they did until another break-up happened when Rafi found out about David’s one night stand with the model. In the end, they have realized that the love they shared is not enough to sustain the relationship and became friends.

Friday, December 2, 2005

Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros

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Above is the commercialize poster and the original poster of Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, a digital film entry for Cinemalaya Independent Film Awards, which won the top prize and continues to bag prizes in other Film Festivals. I watched the movie with Sis Karla last Thursday, after having been stood up by my groupmates in plant design.

Maximo Oliveros or Maxi (Nathan Lopez) is an accepted gay with his world revolving around his family of robbers . He is the woman of the house who does the cleaning for them, cooks for them, washes their clothes, mends their tattered jeans, and, covers their tracks so they wouldn't get caught… until he meets Victor, a handsome, principled, and idealistic policeman who inspires him to aim for a better life.

Maxi befriends Victor, falls in love with him and along with it he starts aspiring for a better life, while Victor earn the rage of Maxi's family. In the end, Maxi is faced with the problem of love triangle between protecting his family and his first love, Victor.
It was already ok for a digital film. Although a bit shaky and a bit blurred in some scenes, the story was good and reveals most of the Philippine’s poor conditions

Monday, September 5, 2005

After Eden

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Because of the long wait for Tomei: Rebirth, a film which is part of this year’s Eigasei, I finished the novel After Eden.

The book is in comic strip form and is written by Arnold Arre, a winner of Manila Critics Circle National Book Awards. The story is about 2 people, Jon and Celine who had a monotonous life until they found each other. They were childhood friends who got separated when they were kids. After not seeing each other for almost 21 years, Jon and Celine’s paths crossed and finally had some meaning in their lives. They found paradise in each other.

Since this is about Eden, it has to have a serpent. Impersonated by Jon’s geek-cyber/virtual-fanatic friend Greg and Celine’s bitch-y friend Lea, the serpents destroyed this paradise. Greg and Lea thought that they were losing each other’s friend so they planned of screwing the relationship and have Jon back for Greg and Celine for Lea. They were both afraid of losing the friendship they used to have and so heartlessly stealing the happiness of Jon and Celine.

But like all mushy love stories, Jon and Celine ended up with each other. But I guess that’s not the point of the story. Arnold Arre, through After Eden, reminds us that the power of love and hope still overcomes every serpent that comes to destroy the paradise each Adam and Eve has. And like Jon and Celine, each of us is an Adam and an Eve…looking and searching for one another.

I’ll leave with you with some lines and ideas from the book:

Clasping of Hands
The fingers represent our good sides… and the gaps between them…our shortcomings. We bump our fingers together—our good sides—and what happens? There’s tension! Conflicts! Painful too. But…if we allow the other person to fill in the fill in our shortcomings…we create harmony. A link is made…an unbreakable union. Hence, the clasping of hands.

Love is the biggest mystery of the universe. But why try solving it…when one can simply view it for what it is…and marvel at the wonders and strangeness it brings.

Like love, it catches you when you’re not looking…It just happens. That’s the time when you hear the loveliest of songs; see the most vibrant of colors…when you can touch the end of a rainbow, or catch a glimpse of angels dancing.


The novel was cheesy, typical and truly mushy but I can’t help but to hope and root for the characters to end up with each other until the very end. Two thumbs up for this feel good, fast paced, easy read graphic novel!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2005

A Macau Trip

Would you believe me if I’ll tell you that I went to Macau last Saturday?  You wouldn’t, would you?  But I did, really.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI witnessed Macau through an exhibit in Shangrila.  Hehehe!!!  I had eaten egg custard, their famous pastry, had eaten a cookie all made from Macau, been to their wonderful churches and tourist spots (through the pictures), which are a lot!!!  I’ve seen their native dresses but missed their cultural presentation.  Tsk! Tsk!

Macau is really a melting pot of the Eastern and the Western Cultures.  Macau was a trading post when the Portuguese had its first settlement in China in 1557.  So like us in the Philippines,
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting they have European influences as seen in their churches, monuments and even in their sports like race carts, horse racing etc.

It was a fun trip… Till the next Macau escapade, and I hope this time, I’m setting foot in the real Macau so I’ll keep my map, brochure on each places as well as on their churches.  Argghh!!! My a-must-visit list is getting long!!!

Friday, September 2, 2005

St. Louis Loves Dem Filipinos

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What a way to open the 30th season of theatrical production. Dulaang UP lived up to its standards by giving life to the highly acclaimed written play by Floy Quintos.

St. Louis Loves Dem Filipinos, is about the journey of Bulan (Arnold Reyes), a high ranking warrior and datu of the Bagobo tribe, to the United States when he joined the St. Louis Exposition in Missouri, USA in 1904. The story was told through Alfred Tinawid (Jake Macapagal), a Fil-Am with a passion for history. His grandfather, Alfredo Tinawid (Ronan Capinding) has called him an oreo…white on the inside (American upbringing) but black in the outside (Filipino physically).

In Bulan’s journey together with other natives from different tribes, and the organizers: Dean C. Worcester (Richard Cunanan), Gen. Clarence Edwards (James Gregory Paolelli) and Dr. Gustavo Niederlein (Leo Rialp), with his willingness to do something great and bring home something his tribemates are to be proud of, he has lost his wife, Momayon (Mae Ann Valentin), when she caught smallpox, later his individuality, his roots along with his native clothes and way of living. Though the exposition was successful, amidst the protests of the Illustrados, represented by Dr. Leon Ma. Guerrero (Leslie Diaz) and Antonio Paterno (Bong Embile Jr.), the spirit of Bulan withers as season change after season. What kept Bulan going was the pride he will be bringing home and the friendship he had made with Maude (Agnes Garcia Barredo), a fat lady from the circus who is one of the spectators of the exposition.

When the exposition finally came to an end, the natives headed home but Bulan jumped from the ship when he sees Maude. He was in love with her. Nobody knew the story about Bulan after the jump. It was Fred who revived the characters in his mind and continued the story. Maude trapped Bulan in her selfish plans, that is, to enter Bulan as an ape man in the circus. For 10 years this has been Bulan’s life, an actor portraying an ape in a show in the circus. When the circus business was at its lowest, Maude disposed Bulan, broke his heart by showing that she has an affair with muscular man (also part of the circus) and from then on, their lives took separate paths. Bulan grew old, became a drunkard, a bum living his life in the streets and dark alleys of America.

Gramps Alfredo later told his story of the migrant Filipino workers in late 1920-1930s and their hardships encountered in seeking for greener pasture in the land of the free. Alfredo, was then young, encountered the old Bulan and told him all his frustrations in the foreign land. The only advice Bulan told him was to live through it and ‘take it on the chin’. Later, he met Neiderlein, now also old, and entrusted him Bulan’s headscarf hoping that he might see the datu again.

Years passed and Alfredo survived because he followed Bulan’s advice. Their paths crossed again when Alfredo was an organizer convincing Filipino labor groups in Seattle to return home as part of Repatriation Act. Alfredo never had the chance to talk to the old Bulan.

The play ended with the young Fred giving the headscarf to his owner, Bulan, as the latter weeps, while the chorus sings as they remembers him and his wasted greatness in search for something great.

The whole play was really excellent. It was a musical with the songs all written originally for the play and was sung with powerful voices. The actors were really great that you would actually be in awe. Arnold Reyes is only a substitute to Miguel Castro but he really did very well. I have read critics about Miguel Castro and they were all positive too! I really would like to commend Alexander Cortez, the director, for a wonderful job done. Everytime I hear his name, I always remember the play “Hibik at Himagsik nina Victoria Laktaw” which he also directed. I really did not enjoy it then but now his name is redeemed!!! I also would like to give credit to the composer and arranger of the soulful songs in the play, Antonio Africa. Each song was really appropriate and gave out the message and emotions of the character/s singing them.
I’ll leave you with some pics to give you a glimpse of what I have been talking.

Image hosted by

1) The princelike Bulans, Miguel Castro(left) and Arnold Reyes(right)
2)Bulan (Arnold Reyes) with wife Momayon (Mae Ann Valentin) 3) The whole cast of St. Louis Loves Dem Filipinos
I watched this play last August 3, 2005. So why am I reviewing it now when it has been a month? Maybe, it takes a month for me to have the guts to talk about this though I know my writing would never be enough to give the praise and credit that it deserves. It was really a 10!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

A Midsummer Night's Dream

I came to SM North to watch the play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, a production of Actor’s Repertory Theater. The lines were very long and it started 30 minutes late. Aside from that it cost me 150Php (already discounted for being a student), everything was not worth it if not for Arnold Reyes playing the lead part. The guy was really good, he could sing and act and really very articulate with lines. Not to mention that he is such a cutie. If his name does not ring a bell, he is the guy who is in the commercial of Benadril where I think his nose was all red.

The costume and the set design were very much ok but sounds was very poor. They have this mini-microphone pinned in their ‘Athens’ influenced outfit which is dysfunctional. Sometimes it just turns off that the actors have to shout to be heard. And they have production-number-from-That’s-Entertainment parts where they sing and dance with novelty songs like Follow the Leader, Totoy Bibo, Aray, Babae po Ako (of Tuesday Vargas), Livin La Vida Loca, etc. I mean, it is tolerable as long as they fit the play but they don’t have to do the whole song. It became a drag.

And I don’t know if they had auditions but most of their actors were like amateurs and most of them doesn’t have a powerful voice or at least knows how to sing. It was semi-musical so it was really such a pain in the ear with the malfunctioning microphones and out of tune voices.

What was also another disappointment was the audience. The entire crowd was a bunch of highschoolers. They were hooting, crying out loud, and yelling in the middle of the play especially during the kissing parts. It was really a disaster when people don’t have play etiquette and consideration. And they have their phones in beeping mode even if they were told to put it off or mute it. Arggh!!!

So I rate it 6.5. Hehehe!!! At least above passing.

Monday, April 4, 2005


My generation has witnessed a lot of historic events. We have experience a turn of the millenium as well as the Philippines Centennial celebration. We have experienced 2 EDSA revolutions (although I do not considered the 3rd a revolution). We have witnessed a death of a princess, war in Iraq, change of US and Philippine terms, rise(?) and fall of the Philippines peso, a UAAP cheering champion, as well the defeat of the Green Archers against archrival Ateneo Blue Eagles. We have witnessed how sensational the massacre of Nida Blanca as well as the death of Rico Yan and FPJ. Various calamaties like the last tsunami that hit the Asia which took thousands of lives has come before us. Even, the loss of Manny Pacquiao against Erik Morales, we have witnessed.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingNow, another historical event has happened. Yesterday, Pope John Paul II passed away at 3:37 am.   I was not glued to the TV yesterday and so, I only found out in the papers. I just wish there was no pain. And surely, the angels in heaven are welcoming him. Ü

I just wonder, what more will come?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Vagina Monologues

I watched Vagina Monologues today. It’s a 3-day running play produced by Dulaang UP under the direction of Tony Mabesa. Vagina Monologues talks about women and our (coz I’m part of the population too) concerns and anything related to our vagina.


Talking about the vagina is an eyebrow-raising thing in our society. Even how it is called is somewhat either awkward, funny or embarrassing and thus vagina is not that easily mentioned or used. Vagina for once is somewhat like a medical instrument. Puke, pekpek, pinya, ari, flower, pussy, pussycat, bulaklak, pwerta, bilat, fekfek, lagusan, hole, pukingking, monay are other terms used to refer the woman’s sexual organ. There are a lot more. Different languages mean different translations. Even in the Philippines, where the dialect is almost a hundred, plus its jargon and gay lingo makes vagina an eligible entry to our Thesaurus.

So what are these vaginal issues? What concerns our vagina?


Some men disliked having sex with hair.

This monologue is done by Raye Baquirin whose character is a wife who’s husband requires her to shave off her pubic hair. She did it to please him but this made her uncomfortable and little so she didn’t do it the next time. This caused her husband to look for other women.

They had marriage therapy and this issue came out when his husband was asked and why he has concubines here and there. Their psychiatrist sided with her husband. Marriage is about giving, their therapist says. As a woman and a wife, she must give in to the request of her husband. Coming home, she gave her husband’s wants. Her husband shaves her off. And while doing it, he did not even bother to be careful. Blood runs from her vagina as wounds were made through the careless haircut.

They made love after the cut. While the pubic hairs from his husband genital area rub against her, she’s suffering in pain. It made her realize how important the hair in our genitals because it serves as a protection.

When you love something, love the whole of it. Do not choose the parts you want to love. The vagina goes with hair, so making love to a vagina is making love (also) to the hair.

The Flood

The monologue is done by Sonia Valenciano who plays a 72 year old woman who has never looked into her “down there” because she has been a busy woman and looking at her “down there” will take her a day and gives her a back pain.

She attends a psychiatrist and accounts of her dates when she was in her teens. In one of her dates, she was invited by a gorgeous guy and while they were in his car, the guy kissed her. She was taken buy surprise and brought her excitement and soon she flooded, staining the car seats. She tried to wipe it off with her yellow dress but the stain became too obvious. The date was off and she found herself in front of her house. She never saw the guy again.
From then on, she kept on having bad dreams about her dates with handsome men but always ends up in a “big flood”, bringing away her friends and the guy she is dating.

Vagina Workshop

The Vagina Workshop, as the title suggests, is a workshop helping women see their vagina. It was performed by Mailes Kanapi who’s character is a participant of the workshop.

A few of their activities includes drawing their vagina the way they know it and see their vaginas with a mirror at hand and one by one describe it as they saw it and what they feel about it. Once, they were asked if they ever had an orgasm. Only two of the participants raised and she’s not included but she experienced a lot of orgasms but it was all unplanned. But she has not experienced the orgasm for two years and this is the very reason why she attended the workshop.

Their last activity is finding the clitoris. In doing so, (of course, with the help of the powerful tool – the magic mirror) she became frantic because she can’t find hers. Their teacher noticed her pathetic state, asked her what’s wrong and laughed knowing about her student’s dilemma.

She brushed her face and said, “The clitoris is you.”

Little Coochie Snorcher that Could

This monologue is one of the best delivered. Actor wise, it's Frances Makil-Ignacio. I say, she’s a veteran when it comes to stage plays. She really puts her heart and soul into the character.

The character here is a woman who has a relationship with another woman. She had different encounters with her vagina as a child and this she shares down through memory lane.

When she was seven, her playmate Peter got angry at her and punched her in the vagina. When her mother found out, here’s what she said: Don’t let anybody touch nor let anything enter your coochie snorcher! But she did never let Peter touch her, she was punched there. From then on, she was very careful that nothing, as in nothing enters her coochie snorcher. She attempted to tape the holes of it just to protect the water to enter it when she bathes but it was never a success for they all the time fell off.

When she was nine, she was playing in her bed, bouncing up and down and accidentally, bumps her vagina in one of the bed post. She was driven to the hospital and her coochie snorcher was stitched.

In her tenth year, she was in her dad’s place for her birthday. She went up the attic to see herself in her new sando bra—a gift from her dad’s girlfriend. She didn’t notice that his father’s friend was at her back, pulled her shorts and panties, rushed his penis into her coochie snorcher. She tried to pull away but what can a 10-year old girl do. The next thing she new was there was a gun shot and blood was all over her and his dad’s friend. His dad shot his friend and she never saw her daddy again.

When she was sixteen, she admired a very beautiful neighbor. She was invited to enter her car and was asked if she like kissing boys. She said those were disgusting and then her neighbor kissed her. The experience was new to her but she liked it. She was invited by her neighbor to come to her apartment, she stayed there for the night – after getting permission from her mother. Her mom was too glad that their beautiful neighbor took “interest” in her.

From then on, she never liked men and continued having relationships with women.

Pagkat Nais Niya Itong Titigan

This monologue is of a woman who had a very good experience with a man and so is her vagina. Portrayed by Dolly Guttierez, she recounts her experience with Bert, an ordinary man but treats the vagina extraordinarily.

The character is scared of her vagina and thinks of it as ugly. To battle this thought, she thinks of soft velvet sofa or pillows in satin cases to vanish the thought of her vagina. So when she met the ordinary Bert, who “wants to see her”, she was terrified and wants Bert to do the lovemaking and be over with it. But Bert insisted of “seeing her”. And so Bert succeeded and Bert’s face changed from a look so ordinary to a face that’s hungry for what he is seeing. He said to her, “Ang ganda mo. Matapang pero sensual.” She was amazed of how Bert saw everything about her personality in just staring at her vagina. Did he really saw that in there? Since then, she began to love herself and her vagina more.

Aking Pwerta Aking Nayon

This monologue is about a Bosnian woman and their experiences during the war. This was done by Angie Ferro. It talks of how Bosnian women were painfully genital mutilated. Hers were done by 6 doctors. She recounts how they inserted cold metal into her vagina to get a part of it.

I wonder what satisfaction the doctors had while doing this.

My Angry Vagina

This is a monologue giving out the angst of a vagina and is played by Meryll Soriano (She’s really a small girl but with a beautiful face. Much prettier in person than what we see her in TV).

Her vagina’s angry with the way society is treating it, of how it is not taken cared of, why it is not being considered. Just like the people who make tampons. They never even bothered to lubricate it. Whose vagina wants some cotton stuck into it? Putting on tampons is an uncomfortable thing. This is what they say, I have not used one (hehehe!!! why should I when I’ll be pain free with sanitary pads?). Another angst is the thongs. Why is it that they want her vagina to be closed as possible? It’s meant to be as free as it is and not imprisoned and punished by a piece of thin cloth. Plus the fact that it goes in between your anus’ canal! Her vagina’s angry because they want it to smell like a dishwashing soap. Feminine wash are offered in the market. Smells of rose, berries, rain or the garden awaits our choice. Why can’t it smell like it’s suppose to?

A monologue of hatred but factual.

My Mother Slapped Me

This was done by the chorus so I guess this is a “monologue” (hehehe!). It is about the eagerness of women of having their menstruation. Some as early as 9, still unprepared, asked what a period is and had an answer of “punctuation used at the end of a statement.” Some had it celebrated by her family over dinner. Some, who’s late like 16 or 17 even, had questions of “Where is it? Where is it?” Some were fascinated of how it drops in a toilet bowl like red paint in water. Some were terrified when it is colored brown like shit and a lot more different experiences of a vagina when her period comes.

Reclaiming Cunt

This is a monologue done by Meryll Soriano of a girl from Netherlands (picture her in a costume of Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels I when they danced while selling cookies to a man just to scan the his iris.) who wants to form a new word for vagina. She invented the word cunt and wants to be acknowledge for it.

A Six Year Old Girl

This monologue is done in a Q&A format. It’s about how innocent a six year old thinks of her vagina. It was done by Monette Flores and Dolly Guttierez being the six year old girl.

Babaeng Mahilig Magpaligaya ng mga Puke

Another monologue elegantly delivered by Frances Makil-Ignacio, Babaeng Mahilig Magpaligaya ng mga Puke recounts of a woman whose mission (as she thinks) is to give other women pleasure or help them find pleasure.
She’s fascinated with the sounds produced when these pleasures are experienced. I’ll use Ungol, its translation in Filipino for the lack of term for it. The woman here is initially a corporate tax lawyer but she gave that up. According to her, unlike her new profession, corporate law has no props, no foreplay, no sexual conversation and most of all, no ungol.
I was There in the Room

I was There in the Room is a poem in English and Tagalog read right after the other. It accounts, the experience of a woman seeing her daughter giving birth to her daughter. She has seen the vagina opened, bruised, while a child stuck inside is rescued. The English and Tagalog poems were read by Sonia Valencia and Angie Ferro respectively.


Today’s the last play day. Good thing I got my ticket way ahead of time because when I arrived in Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero, the tickets sold are those reserved beforehand. The place was jam packed. They put bleachers at the back part of the theater. Aside from that, the sides of the stage (right, left and the back portion) were occupied by bleachers! To give you a picture of how full the house is, Lex Marcos, who’s been a lead character of a number of plays of Dulaang UP is in the bleachers on stage! He was not even given priority! Ebong (the accidental actor – this is how he describe his acting career) is also there and other Dulaang UP actors! There was no vacant seat for some people occupied the aisle.

MY Observation

Why is it that when a movie or a play where matters of sexuality are discussed, more people come to watch them?

I have been attending a number of productions of Dulaang UP and seldom does it happen that the house is full. As I could remember, this is the second time that all seats were taken. This also happened when Nick Joaquin’s Tatarin was staged and I would like to note that there was breasts exposure in that production. Even in films, the art-and-sexy-films (especially the Spanish ones), when showed at the UP Film Institute (it was then called Film Center or FC), tickets are sold out. I could remember when UP 49ers had the rerun of Carmen at UPFI with its posters saying these promotional lines like the most erotic Spanish film of the year or a WOMAN born to seduce MEN and a MAN ready to sacrifice everything for a WOMAN. These surely made tickets sell like peanuts and big bucks for 49ers.

So what made these people come and watch this kind of art? Is this because that the topics of these are of our interest but were failed to be casually discussed because these are taboos? Or is it that we want to know more of ourselves and watching them is knowing and learning because sexuality is a part of us?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Angel Street

Last Saturday, I woke up early amidst the late night date Kat and I had in McDonald's just to give in to our (or was it mine alone and Kat was just dragged into it? hahaha!!!) cravings of McFlurry. Kat, Liz, Gladz, Kate and I were scheduled to watch the free showing of the play by Dulaang UP entitled Angel Street, but Lizzy did not go with us for she has other commitments to do.

Angel Street is a play by Patrick Hamilton. It is about the Manninghams who lived in Angel Street. Mr. Manningham uses his care and kindness as a disguise to drive his wife to insanity in order to continue for the search of the golden rubies he started fifteen years ago. Mrs. Manningham's mother was also insane during her age and so she believed that she is going out of her mind everytime Mr. Manningham accuses her of petty aberrations that is his doing.

While Mr. Manningham is out, a police inspector, Inspector Rough, paid her a visit. With her servants Nancy and Elizabeth, Inspector Rough came to prove that Mr. Manningham is the criminal, who has the name of Power and killed an old lady who owned a 12000-pound worth of rubies, fifteen years ago in the same house in Angel Street.

Mrs. Bella Manningham is played by Lorna Lopez and has an excellent performance. She has a very jolly face and thus you could see how effective the transition from a jolly face to a face that is sad, afraid and insane. I also give credit to Richard Cunanan who played Inspector Rough. His character shifted the play from thriller to comedy everytime he comes in. He was really good. Mitoy Sta. Ana who played Mr. Jack Manningham was also good although he stuttered almost three times. Marivic Abalos and Trineth Villasis who played Elizabeth and Nancy respectively are also effective actors.

The counterpart of the play's title in Filipino was Lampara. Before, everytime I see the poster of Angel Street in campus, I often wonder why such translation. When I searched in the internet, the original title of the play of Hamilton was Gaslight and according to Prof. Jovy M. Peregrino, the play's translator, "May Lampara sa Angel Street." In the play, one could see that its translation is indeed correct for Mrs Manningham’s only clue to her husband machinations is the frequent dimming of their gaslights. That's why when we say, "gaslight somebody", it means driving somebody insane.

Summing up, the play was good and I'll rate it an 8.5. Here are some pictures of the play although they were not actual shots at the time I saw it. Enjoy!!!

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Monday, February 7, 2005



My roommate and I watched Komedi today. The play is composed of 3 plays and was directed by Tony Mabesa. The three plays are all written by Nicolas Pichay. It was the last day today and so it was really jam packed. Some of the theater people who I saw perform in previous plays of DUP were there.

"Ang Maikling Kasaysayan ng Punerarya sa Pilipinas". A monologue of an alien beauty queen who comes to earth in search of an alternative energy source for planet Zega.


This is the first play. The character is Martial Aloysius which is an alien beauty queen and is played by Ricci Chan. He has been part of some of the plays in DUP. "Ang Maikling Kasaysayan ng PUnerarya sa Pilipinas" started when the alien's space ship crashed in the Philippines. He is in search of fuel to be used as energy for their planet. The alien met an old man/woman (i'm really not sure) who is the very first alien beauty queen and led him to the cemetery and later to a funeral parlor. There he found out that the soul of the people in the funeral are the fuel for Planet Zega. He decided to kill all the earthlings but later felt human emotions and then decided not to."Pangulo Naming Mahal". Outrageous comedy of a man and his wife bent on making it big in the corrupt world of the incumbent president.

Ricci Chan was very effective as an actor. He really made us laugh even though he is just alone there in the stage. He delivers his lines very well that's why you really could understand the monologue.


The second play is done by Eugene Domingo who played as Mare and Richard De Guzman who played Pare. Mare and Pare are married and are somewhat financially low. Pare thinks of the racket his wife will do. He suggested that his wife will become the mistress of the President so that they could have all the worldly things they wish for. It was funny because they somewhat describe the incumbent President Joseph Estrada. The play is somehow green with words but it was subtle. They were into their plans when Pare received a call from the President saying that he is no longer the President."Psychedelia Apocalypsis". A theatrical piece that focus on a motley crew consisting of Hollywood wannabes, armed liberation forces, & a veteran of major wars in the Philippines - high on weed and rock & roll, party & collide in the heart of darkness of Francis Ford Copolla's "Apocalypse Now".

Eugene Domingo was a very effective comedienne. She is as funny as her performance in the sitcom “Tanging Ina”. Richard De Guzman was also very effective. I have seen him perform in the play “Iceman Cometh”.


The third play was also funny but somehow in the middle part it became a drag. But the actors are all effective.

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